Why You Need The Venmo Debit Card

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When Venmo first became popular, it was a total game-changer when it came to paying people back. Remember when you had to write your roommate a check to pay the utilities? Or go to the ATM to get your friend back for the pizza they bought you? Or keep a list of everyone who owed you money, even though you knew they were never going to pay you back? The Venmo app helped fix those problems, and now the Venmo Mastercard® is working to make your life even easier.

If you don’t understand anything about finance (same), the Venmo card is thankfully very simple to understand. Basically, it’s an extension of the app, but now you can use it in the real world. With this debit card, you can make purchases everywhere Mastercard is accepted using your Venmo balance. So if everyone finally paid you back for brunch last weekend, now you can use that money to treat yourself to a new pair of shoes. And then you can easily keep track of all your transactions in the app. And of course, you can also use the app to split any purchases made with the card.

The Venmo card comes with a Rewards program that puts money directly back into your balance. Venmo Rewards are designed so you can actually start reaping the benefits of all the money you’re already spending. When you shop with Rewards partners like Sephora, Dunkin’, or Macy’s*, the cash back goes directly into your Venmo balance—praise be. Seriously, it’s so easy. Maybe you didn’t need to buy yet another eyeshadow palette at Sephora, but at least with Venmo Rewards, you can get money back to spend on something else, like delivery sushi or maybe your rent—up to you. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Venmo Rewards is basically the best thing to ever happen to me.

The Venmo app also lets you easily switch the card on and off, in case you ever lose it. We’ve all had that moment of panic where a card just goes missing out of nowhere, but the on/off switch will save you from suffering through a phone call with the bank when you find it in the bottom of your purse 30 minutes later. As someone who hates talking on the phone, this is a lifesaver. You can also choose which color card you want, because no one wants their wallet to look boring. And one more time, let me just mention how amazing the Venmo Rewards are.

If you already love using Venmo to make your life simpler, the Venmo card is a no-brainer. You can click here to learn more about the Venmo card, and apply to start earning rewards ASAP when you get your card.

*Each Venmo Rewards Offer Powered by DOSH is available for a limited time only at participating merchants on qualifying purchases (as stated in the particular offer and subject to the full program terms). By participating, you agree that DOSH may create a wallet for you on its system in order for you to earn and redeem Venmo Rewards. Any Venmo Rewards that you earn will be transferred to your Venmo account. All offers made available to you may become unavailable without notice. Additional terms and exclusions apply. See full Venmo Rewards Powered by Dosh Terms of Service and Privacy Policy here.
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