Why You Need A Boxed Room Now

When it comes to decorating your room, betches want their room to be chic af but without having to actually spend a lot of time at Pier One or putting together furniture. What’s a betch to do? She could hire an interior decorator or like, go on Trading Spaces, but a) no betch wants her apartment to say TTH b) if she convinces her dad to pay for a decorator, there’s no way he’ll also spring for that cruise, too, and c) Trading Spaces was cancelled like seven years ago.

So the question remains: What’s a betch to do? Enter, Remodo’s Boxed Rooms, a totally new way to decorate. A Boxed Room is a kit that has all of the essentials for a betchy room, from your pillows and comforter set right down to your coasters and picture frames. In other words, Remodo thinks of everything so you don’t have to. Their Boxed Rooms come in six different color schemes with different patterns so you don’t have the same exact dorm as everyone on your hall (or so you and all your besties can color-coordinate. You can choose your colors based on how you spend your time in your room. Like, if you spend most of your time napping in your room, you might choose the relax style. Or you can just get a different set for all your mood swings, I won’t judge either way.

Boxed Rooms are perfect for any betch, whether you want to have the cutest dorm room on your hall or if you’re just starting out in your first apartment and don’t want people who visit you for the first time to think you’re  a hobo who’s just squatting there. And yes, they have a Twin XL option that you can use in college and then never again.

Probably the best part about getting a Boxed Room is that it comes in a box (duh) and it’s delivered right to your doorstep. You don’t have to leave the house, or even your couch–what more could a betch ask for? Remodo proves that just like our wine, everything is better in boxed form.


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