Why The Internet Hates Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea became a big deal in 2014. She went from no money, no family, 16 in the middle of Miami to getting a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album of the year. Deny it all you like, but there was absolutely a time this past year when your go-to drunk jam was Fancy, the chorus of which you sang loudly and off-key frequently. We are all guilty of it. And even though the only problem we had with her at the time was the fact that she thought she could be Cher Horowitz (AS IF), there was apparently a lot more to say on the issue.

If you’ve been on the Internet in the past week, you’ve probably seen something about the absolute fuckery that resulted when a radio host asked Iggy to freestyle on the air. The interview from 2013 was dredged up from the hellish pits of YouTube just in time to ruin Iggy’s chances of winning a Grammy. The video is definitely worth watching, but here is a cliff notes of what went down:

Interviewer: Iggy, give us a freestyle

Iggy: *word vomits everywhere*

TI: God fucking dammit


Instead of free styling as asked, she spit out a sad, drunk girl karaoke rendition of one of her own songs. Like, you had one fucking job, Iggy. Naturally, the Internet went crazy. Tumblr in particular ran with it, and created an Iggy Freestyle meme about 30 seconds after the interview was discovered. Buzzfeed has listed some of the best ones because that is what they do, and thank God for it.

Is this mortifying? Absolutely. We as betches are not above mocking someone for publicly embarrassing themselves, no matter how belated. But some people were confused by the amounts of criticism Iggy was receiving because of it. Like, Ashlee Simpson fucked up her SNL performance back in 2004 and we all managed to move on (sort of). Well, it turns out there’s an actual reason for everyone’s hatred, and it isn’t just because Iggy sounds like a speak’n’spell when asked to do the thing that she gets paid a shit ton of money to do.

Listening to Iggy rap you would probs assume that she is:

1. Black and

2. Southern

So imagine the shock everyone experienced when they heard her talk and found out that she was in fact neither of these things, but rather a white girl from Australia. Also, her given name is Amethyst, which has no bearing on the rest of this article but seemed worth mentioning because gem stone names are sad and usually reserved for strippers.

Basically, the Internet, hip hop fans, and the black community are all pissed because Iggy is reaping the benefits of adopting a culturally black dialect and art form without suffering any of the consequences of being a part of that culture. In light of the state of race relations in the US right now, this argument has garnered a good amount of support. Azealia Banks in particular is very open about her issues with Iggy, which has resulted in a lot of entertaining Twitter callouts for the rest of us to follow. Azealia has clearly never heard of subtweets and hopefully no one enlightens her anytime soon.

Other artists took a more civil route with their criticism, which is pretty unheard of in the world of twitter. Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest basically wrote a term paper in 140 character installments to help educate Iggy about why her behavior is pissing everyone off. Four for you, Q-Tip. You go, Q-Tip.

Iggy responded to Azealia’s comments by tweeting out resources to support Ferguson, but didn’t apologize for her behavior. Needless to say, this hasn’t won her much support in the ongoing issue. And seeing as how she continues to rap like she was born and raised in Alabama, it probably won’t be going away anytime soon.


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