Why Lemon Water Is The Best Shit Ever

For those of you who do not drink lemon water because you think the peel is too dirty, news flash honey, the dirtiest part is usually the ice. So it's time to buy a fruit infused water filter to store in your fridge and lemon up that H2O betches because the benefits of lemon water are even more phenomenal than a good instagram filter. Okay that was dramatic but read the five major benefits listed below and you will agree:

1. Boosts your immune system

So you can party until 4 in the morning without getting sick

2. Balances pH levels

Long story short via webmd, this is important.

3. Flushes out unwanted toxins

Aka the vodka sodas we wanted last night but not this morning.

4. Decreases wrinkles and blemishes

In turn decreases Botox and dermatologist bills.

5. Aids weight loss

I mean when is this not the ultimate goal?


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