Why It’s Time To Stop Saying Basic

Back when we first did our post on “basic bitch,” it was kind of trendy and it seemed like the entire world could have a laugh at your average white girl’s expense before moving onto something else. But noooooo. It’s been like a year and I still hear this term more often than I hear DJ Mustard’s simplistic ass beats on the radio. 

These days anyone who’s ever worn leggings or been caught dead eating pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner is now “basic.” Like, come the fuck on. Just because I wore spandex to the gym in the dead of winter does not make me a basic bitch—it just makes me practical. The statute of limitations on this being funny has long passed and now it’s just as cringe-worthy as the time your aunt’s book club made a Harlem Shake video 6 weeks too late. 

Not to mention, whose idea was it to criticize people for liking things that are popular? Sounds like the crafty work of a bunch of fucking hipsters if you ask me. There’s a reason popular shit gets that way—because a lot of people like it, obviously. IMO doing shit you like because you like it is a hell of a lot less stupid than purposefully avoiding shit you might like on principle because it’s “too mainstream.” Am I right? I’m fucking right.

So how about let’s all make a resolution to stop calling other people basic because that’s just like the most basic thing you can do.


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