Why Is Bisexuality A Celebrity Trend?

Drew Barrymore or someone who doesn't shave once said “everyone is bisexual” and it was considered pretty radical. Well recently that sentiment has spread like wildfire. These days it seems like everyone identifies as bisexual and being bi is pretty much the new kale.

Back in the good ol’ days of 2008, kind of A-lister Li Lo and “DJ” Samantha Ronson started dating and made some waves. Before that Angelina Jolie dated a lot of random shit – male, female and probably animal. But she was also wearing a vile of Billy Joe Thornton’s blood and publicly kissing her brother on the mouth so her other relationships got overshadowed. Since then, a few celebrities would tell Stephen Colbert or Conan O'Brien  “oh no, I’m not straight. I'm bi actually.” and “I don’t like labels.” or “I love all beings” (?) but then they’d still only date guys. Megan Fox.

But in the last couple of years, being gay became cooler than not being gay and trendy bi-ness just seems to be the best of both worlds. (Miley Cyrus knows.) And I’m not just talking about Snooki and JWoww making-out hammered in the club. Cara Delevigne has championed the trend and seems to be generally down for anything and everything. A few days ago Anna Paquin decided to rip Larry King a new one for being ignorant about her bi-ness. Harry Styles has come out to say he doesn’t think he’s bi, but apparently doesn’t know that for sure. Amber Heard, future Mrs. Johnny Depp, showed up to LBQT events and people thought she was a lesbian, but she was like, no, no. I’m bi.

Suddenly everyone is super open about their progressive, nondiscriminatory sexuality. Trendy bi-ness doesn't mean that bisexuality isn’t real, but why now? Why this sperm? Has everyone and their mother decided to bat for both teams in the last like six months?


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