Why Do So Many Bros With Girlfriends Hit On Me? Dear Betch

Dear Betches,

First, love you betches. (not in an emotional sappy way but love as in I'd love to black out with you betches) Ok second, I have a certain problem with bros at the moment. For the past year guys I've known forever have been hitting on me and liking old post of my insta pics and txting all hours of the night WHEN THEY HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. It's not just one but I think its at to number 5 now. Some of them have really bitchy girlfriends who think they are the shit but oh so clearly are not. As much fun it would be to mess with these boys I don't want to be known as a home wrecker. What would you do?

Dear Now I ain't sayin' she a home wrecker,

Uh, why is this a question? You do nothing. We've said it time and time again but I guess it needs repeating, so here goes: betches don't fuck other people's bfs. They get their own. Fucking duh. You say that it would be fun to mess with these boys but don't want to be known as a homewrecker so…you want to have your cake and fuck taken bros too??? Newsflash: this isn't John Tucker Must Die. “Messing around” with guys who are in relationships isn't fun or cute. It's just sad.

Honestly, I don't get why it's your business if your “guy friends” have girlfriends who think they're cooler than they are (although it seems like the real person who thinks they're hot shit when they're not is looking back at you in the mirror). So fucking what? If your idea of knocking a betch down to size is fucking her boyfriend, you are seriously disturbed.

Bonus tip, because you caught me in a generous mood: As for why you have 5 dudes in relationships constantly hitting on you, it's obv because you eat up the attention. Basically what we have going on here is either a) you're delusional or b) you act like you're TGF all the fucking time (or a combination of the two). Did you ever stop to think that maybe the reason these bros are texting you at all hours of the night is because you encourage this behavior and don't shut it down like a real betch should? Might be time to take a step back and evaluate your life choices up to this point. And stop hanging out with these guys.

You can still black out with us if you bring the vodka (maybe),

The Betches

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