Why Betches Love Outdoor Dining

When your server asks: “Inside or outside dining?” betches don’t even have to think about their answer. Summer weather means we’d eat ever freaking meal outside if we could. Betches love outdoor dining options.

You might be thinking: eating outdoors? Isn’t that something homeless people do? It sure is, but the great thing about having money is that you can do all the stuff poor people do out of necessity as a fun, not-depressing leisure activity — Kind of like how homeless people sleep outside every night but if you have money to spend on gear it’s considered camping.


Whether its brunch, a long lunch, happy hour or a patio dinner, there’s just something better about eating where people can see you and all your fabulous friends. That fenced-off patio dining section is kind of like a VIP area; people on the outside can see you, but you DGAF about them.

Still, there’s a big difference between dining Al Fresco and a picnic. Picnics are actually terrible. It might seem like a good idea to bring booze and snacks to eat outside on a blanket, but you could be wrong. Carrying all that wine and cheese will get super heavy after like ten steps and you’ll immediately regret the decision to attempt a picnic. Plus, bugs are disgusting and they love picnics. You do the math.

Even if you aren’t frequenting a French-themed bistro, enjoying your morning warm lemon water or iced coffee on your balcony or patio is a pretty enviable practice these days. It opens you up to a whole new world of enviable Instagram opportunities. We all know natural lighting makes for the best photos, and if you happen to have a mimosa in your hand, even better.

Picking at your salad in the sunshine is also going to give you an extra boost of Vitamin D, a known mood booster. The booze, brunch and sunshine made available to you by outdoor dining options kind of counteract the fact that a bird could totally land on your table, but hey, that’s nature for you.


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