Why Are You Such a Misogynist Asshole? Ask a Pro

Most emails I get don’t warrant a response, because they’re stupid or have been answered before. Some are thoughtful but too long to publish, because apparently you think that 1,000 goddamn words worth of back story is somehow relevant to the question you’re asking (it isn’t). Other times, the emails are dumb but mercifully short, so I answer them mailbag-style, which you all apparently don’t like.

Then there are these emails. The emails too awful for a regular response, but too special to be totally ignored. These are the emails I’ve kept tucked away all year, just waiting for the right time to share them. That time is upon us. Behold, the first in a series of contenders for the best email of 2013.

Head Pro,

You are literally the most sexist guy I've ever seen with a blog on a female dominated website congrats on creating an army of delusional girls to give up their self worth for your fucked up vision of a female you will never have. I have a question, are you a misogynist? I feel like you are a narcissistic ass wipe that easily manipulates girls you'll never love more than you love yourself into meaningless relationships. I have lost all respect for your advice in the last few posts. you and the betches are constantly giving opposite advice.

They say to love yourself and ignore the bros that don't and you say to accept male mediocrity and adapt ourselves to the perfect football loving sluts they want (see your advice to Chivalry betch). I'm so disappointed that the betches still use you for anything on this site. Like, I get when you need to call out delusional bitches and hit them with some truths, but you know half of the guys they are complaining about are just as stupid. Even if I am wrong about my assumptions about your women hating personality, I think your advice is corrupting the minds of these already delusional women and I think you should shove it up your ass,


fuck you

Dear Fuck Me,

This one’s notable for a few of reasons. For one, this is the first (and to date only) hate mail I’ve ever received. Second, though it appeared to come from a real gmail account, when I attempted to reply with a reasonable, thoughtful response the email bounced. Finally, it’s fucking stupid.

I don't see how you're warranting your assertion that I hate women and try to guide them all into being “football loving sluts” that “bros want.” In terms of how my advice differs from the girls' (even though I don't see how they spread an overarching message of self love), you're right that you won't see a ton of that from me, at least where it's not appropriate. There's no shortage of self love among most people in their 20's. There's also a difference between loving yourself and expecting others to love you for no reason. If you perceive accepting the fact that not every person you meet will immediately find you as special than you find yourself as “accepting male mediocrity,” then I don't know what to tell you.

That's why I don't see your issue with, of all things, the response to Chivalry Betch. Her “problem” was a non-starter. She's unhappy with guys who want to move faster than she's comfortable moving, so she doesn't sleep with them! And because guys are equally entitled to seek out people whose interests match their own, they're under no obligation to stay with her.

Should I have told her to suck it up and enjoy the sex because that's the only way she'll be able to hold on to a man? Should I have told her to change who she is in order to attract the kind of men she's looking for? Because, I don't know, that sounds a lot like what you’re complaining about in your email. Should I have told her that she's perfect and to ignore these guys? I'm pretty sure she knows that, since that seemed to be what she’s doing.

It's not very feminist to refer to other girls as sluts,

Head Pro


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