Who Knew Shonda Rhimes And Britney Spears Used To Work Together?

Okay so maybe, we're showing up fashionably late to the party, but who fucking knew that Shonda Rhimes – creator of Betch favorites Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and Replacement Scandal (How to get away with murder) – wrote Britney Spears' ill fated attempt at acting, Crossroads?? I shouldn't be surprised really, the whole Kit-Mimi-Dylan pregnancy story line was recycled for Private Practice. And Lucy has to have been the first brainstorming for Meredith Grey.

It just feels like universes colliding – kind of like when Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf got married IRL. Seriously though, who would have guessed “It's Britney Bitch” Spears was an OG member of Shondaland?


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