Whitney Port Is Pregnant: A Look Back At Her Most Profound Quotes On 'The Hills'

Think all the way back to January 1st. We were all hungover, we thought things couldn’t get worse after 2016, and Lauren Conrad announced to the world that she’s pregnant for the first time. Now fast forward to last week, when Whitney Port announced she’s also pregnantIf you’re a fan of The Hills, you know that Whitney was the nicest, most drama-free character on the show.  We realize that makes her sound like a boring nicegirl, but for some reason we all still wanted to be her (and Lauren, but that goes without saying). If her behavior on the “reality” show is any indication of how she’ll be as a mother, we have high hopes for her.  In honor of her pregnancy, we’ve compiled a list of her most profound quotes from the show.

“We’re all just trying to find out who our true friends are. It sucks sometimes, but what can you do about it?”

True, but in this case does it really suck that they’re not friends with Heidi anymore?

“First dates are exciting but first dates can also be really uncomfortable.”

This straddles the line between incredibly profound and incredibly obvious. It could also be Bumble’s new tagline. Nice job, Whit.

“Jeans can be really addicting. There’s, like, always new ones.”

Whitney Port Jeans

Yeah… I hope her baby is a girl so she can use her mother’s own quote against her when they’re shopping at the mall together.

“People just waste so much time being angry at people.”

Is this a nicegirl’s way of saying people should just not give a fuck about anything?

“Honestly, I have no expectations whatsoever in guys”

Really not bad advice for finding a guy these days. Is that how you met your baby daddy?  

“I don’t wanna be attached to anyone. I just wanna like, enjoy myself.”

If only she could see herself now…

Anyway, congratulations to Whitney. She really was a refreshing character on the show and we hope she passes that down to her child. Luckily when the kid is old enough to watch The Hills, Whitney won’t have too much to be embarrassed about besides the fact that she was on the show in the first place.  Now that Lauren, Audrina, and Whitney are all going to be moms, we’re fully expecting Heidi to announce her own pregnancy any day now—though we seriously pray she and Spencer never reproduce. They should just stick with their adopted actor neighbor/son, Enzo.