Whipped Jamie Dornan Is Not Allowed To Star In Any More 50 Shades Movies

Jamie Dornan, the actor responsible for trying to bring the mastery of Christian Grey to life, is apparently just as whipped and chained in real-life as Anastasia Steele.

Dornan is reportedly walking away from the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise because his wife is uncomfortable by the film. She doesn't like the scandalous sex scenes. She's also jealous of the female attention he's been receiving because of his new heartthrob status. So basically, Dornan is her submissive.

Note to Dornan's wifey, Amelia Warner: your husband is hot AF. He would receive female attention even if he didn't reenact the fantasies of lonely women all over the world.

Also, did she even watch the movie? It sucked. I don't think Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson would ever willingly have sex if they were the last two people on Earth. Whips and chains can't solve that lack of chemistry.

Nonetheless, Dornan is leaving the trilogy. And as pretty as he is to look at, this is fantastic news for all of the Fifty Shades of Grey enthusiasts who left the theater feeling unsatisfied. Maybe they can finally find an actor to fill out those Levi's.

But until then, we'll be patiently waiting. Laters, baby.


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