Which Ryan Would You Do?

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are married. She wore Chanel, he wore Hugo Boss, Bette Midler sang, the cake traveled 8 hours to get to the wedding, bla bla bla. I just don't understand why people think we give a shit about the intricate details of cake transportation? But you know what we do care about? The fact that a great nickname for Blake Lively is Blakeley…And playing the game 'Who Would You Rather Do: Reynolds vs Gosling' is a really entertaining way to pass time at the library/work. 


So as Linkin Park once said screamed, “In the end, it doesn't really matter.” Both are named Ryan and both are hot as fuck without shirts. Personally, I wouldn't mind Gosling yelling at me that it was never over while being serenaded by Reynolds' rendition of I Swear, but that's just me. 



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