Which 'Bachelor In Paradise' Couples Follow Each Other On Instagram?

We’re somehow still only a few weeks into this season of Bachelor in Paradise, but the drama with the couples has really been heating up. Will the new arrivals throw things into chaos? Will all of our favorites really find love? Why do we still watch this mess? So many questions, so few answers. Because I’m impatient and want to know if any of these couples are actually going to last, I did some meticulous research, in the form of Instagram stalking. Obviously, seeing whether people follow each other on Instagram isn’t a foolproof way to determine how a relationship turns out, but I’m doing my best here. So which Bachelor in Paradise couples follow each other on Instagram? Let’s find out.


Kendall has been busy so far this season, already being linked to Grocery Store Joe, John Graham, and Leo. She and Joe follow each other, and the same goes for John. To be honest, I doubt she’s in a relationship with either of these dudes, but at least they’re on good terms. The same can’t be said for Leo, because they do not follow each other. Are we surprised?

Leo & Chelsea

Speaking of Leo, he and Chelsea also don’t follow each other. Maybe I’m reaching here, but it doesn’t seem like Leo is on good terms with a lot of his Paradise costars.


When it comes to Krystal’s Instagram follower situation, the plot is thick AF. First, Chris. Krystal and Chris do not follow each other. Not that complicated, really. But now we come to Connor. Krystal follows Connor. Connor does not follow Krystal. Ouch. Is there beef here? Is Connor petty AF? Oh Chris Harrison, please bless us with information!

Colton & Tia

Yes, Colton and Tia follow each other. No, I don’t have any effing clue what is going on with them. Can we please be done with them already?


Like Krystal and Kendall, Jenna has multiple men she’s dealing with on Paradise. When it comes to Benoit, Jenna clearly isn’t that into it. She doesn’t follow him, but he still follows her. She and Jordan follow each other, which makes my heart a little bit happy. What can I say, I love Jordan.


Annaliese follows both Kamil and Kenny, and both men follow her back. Kenny seems like a nice guy, but I have a hard time imagining that Annaliese will keep caring about him now that he is no longer in her peripheral vision. I doubt Kamil the “social media participant” will give Annaliese that storybook ending she so craves, but men have surprised me before. (Usually in a bad way, but whatever.)

Kevin & Astrid

They follow each other. Idk what else to say about this. I personally choose not to follow men who have made me cry in public (called me old fashioned, I guess), but maybe these two end up reconciling. Guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

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