Where To Buy The Iconic Wedding Dresses From Your Favorite Movies

Whether you’re engaged, soon-to-be engaged (*cough* Colton, still not a thing), or single af, it’s always fun to fantasize about the wedding dress of your dreams. We all have our secret Pinterest boards ready for when it’s time to say yes to the dress. We’re always looking for sources from which to pull inspiration, so since we all also watch movies, where else better to look than some of our favorite films? There’s Allie’s vintage dress from The Notebook, Carrie Bradshaw’s impressive cloud of a gown, and tons more memorable wedding gowns you’re probably forgetting about. Here are 7 iconic wedding dresses as seen in your favorite movies and where to shop their dupes.

1. ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’

40 Year Old Virgin

Not going to lie, I’m starting off with the wedding dress that inspired me to write this article. I watched 40-Year-Old Virgin for the first time last weekend (lol, I live under a rock, it’s fine) and one of the many moments engrained in my mind is how legitimately pretty Trish’s wedding dress was. She wore a stunning strapless mermaid dress with a cascading ruffle skirt. If you love it as much as I do, you can buy a dupe from—where else?—Kleinfeld.

Kleinfeld Dress

Pronovias x Kleinfeld Sweetheart Strapless Lace Bodice Mermaid Wedding Dress With Ruffled Tulle Skirt

2. ‘Sex and the City’

The iconic poofy wedding gown that almost made it down the aisle (F*CK YOU, BIG) was designed by Vivienne Westwood. It featured a gold strapless corset top and ivory silk skirt. I don’t think anyone who watched the film could forget this ginormous dress, which probably explains why it sold out almost immediately after it was put on However! For those still dying to get their hands on a Vivienne Westwood gown that resembles a similar style, you can start saving up for this one.

Vivienne Westwood Ivory Grosgrain Satin Couture Sol Corset & Skirt Modern Wedding Dress

Vivienne Westwood Ivory Grosgrain Satin Couture Sol Corset & Skirt Modern Wedding Dress

3. ‘Bridesmaids’

I’m not referring to the disaster of a dress and feather hat Maya Rudolph rightfully cried over, although that could very well be considered iconic in a different way. The wedding dress from Bridesmaids I’m talking about is the one she sh*t in. Yup, right in the middle of the street. I honestly wish she wore this one to her own wedding, but even as a bride, I guess you can’t always get the nice things. This tulle ball gown was elegant in its own simple way, thanks to the delicate one-shoulder feather strap. For your own statement gown with a wide ribbon for a single strap, opt for this White by Vera Wang wedding dress.

White by Vera Wang Layered Tulle One-Shoulder A-Line Wedding Dress

4. ‘Runaway Bride’

I am seriously obsessed with this dress. In another one of Julia Roberts’ and Richard Gere’s iconic movies, she stuns in an off-the-shoulder lace and satin dress that came with a sweetheart neckline and floral detailing. This particular dress comes close enough without being exact since it features delicate lace details, an off-the-shoulder neckline, and elegantly falls to the floor.

Sincerity Bridal #44075

Sincerity Bridal Off the Shoulder A-line Gown with Embroidered Lace

5. ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

This was a wedding gown to be worn for an interview, not like, an actual wedding. Regardless, Katniss Everdeen made everyone’s jaw drop when she wore it in the movie—probably because it literally went up in flames. Designed by Tex Saverio, the heavy white silk gown was a Swavorski crystal-covered corset under a metal cage. The striking metal pieces represent fire and flames, while the feathers are an ode to the Mockingjay. While you can’t get your own fire-breathing dress for obvious reasons, you can still find a wedding gown like this one that’s accented in silver and booming with feathers like, everywhere.

Georges Hobeika Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2018/19

6. ‘The Notebook’

Rachel McAdams

This is yet another wedding dress that never made it down the aisle, but the fitting scene is still unforgettable. The vintage mermaid dress was an off-the-shoulder style with full-length lace sleeves, a sweetheart neckline, and flattering body-hugging fit. For your own vintage style, you’ll want to check out this off-the-shoulder dress that’s covered in lace and jewels.

David’s Bridal Jewel Off the Shoulder 3/4 Sleeve Wedding Dress

7. ‘The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement’

From a royal wedding that went down in movie history, Mia Thermopolis’s dress was all lace and seriously gorgeous. It was a very regal look that was elevated by an accompanying lace veil and crystal tiara. Usually, some brides tend to stray away from a lot of lace to prevent from feeling as though you’re being weighed down. However, this one is also off the shoulder with lace and beading and enough delicate little details to make you feel like royalty.

David's Bridal Lace Off The Shoulder Dress

David’s Bridal Off-The-Shoulder Lace A-Line Wedding Dress

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