Where To Buy Kylie Jenner's Most Iconic Outfits

Even if I don’t envy Kylie Jenner’s current situation right now, I certainly envy her look. I mean, if nobody aspired to look like Kylie, would she still have her makeup empire? Would lip fillers still exist? It’s seriously doubtful on both accounts. So I’m not ashamed to admit that I want to look as good as Kylie, because her outfits and makeup are always on point. (And she’s worth almost a billion dollars, but that’s totally not at all why I aspire to be her.) But let’s be honest here—since Kylie Jenner is worth 900 bazillion dollars, she can buy whatever clothes she wants, even if she’s only going to wear them once. I, however, have a total of $9 in my bank account currently, so I’ll go out on a limb here and say spending thousands of dollars on an outfit is just not in my budget.

Because I still love her ~lewks~ (even though one of her outfits could prob feed me for three months), I have recreated some of Kylie Jenner’s most loved outfits, all on a budget. You’re welcome. I’m not gonna say I’m doing the Lord’s work here, but like, these outfits are really cute AND super affordable. Thank god. Now you can dress just like the youngest and richest Kardashian-Jenner sister, and with the added bonus that you don’t even have to deal with the drama of your best friend hooking up with your sister’s baby daddy!

Kylie’s 21st Birthday Outfit

My first look is Kylie’s iconic 21st birthday outfit. Her hot pink ensemble had the internet going crazy. I found this look on Pretty Little Thing for a total of $56. Please don’t faint. This look is a matching skirt and top, so you can pair the top with jeans and dress it up, or pair the skirt with a bodysuit and you have three looks in one purchase. Now you may faint.

From top: Pretty Little Thing Hot Pink Satin Extreme Shoulder Twist Front Top; Asymmetric Tie Detail Skirt

Kylie’s Beaded Sheer Dress

Look #2 is this insane beaded nude dress that’s taken me months to find. The recreated look is from Fashion Nova, and it will run you a whopping $39.99. That’s less than a brunch! This look is perfect for a dressy evening event that you know your ex might be attending. Don’t worry, it’s not as sheer as the one Kylie wore, but it will certainly make a statement. Your ex is gonna hate it, but in the best way.

Fashion Nova Glo Up Rhinestone Dress Nude

Kylie’s Post-VMAs Lewk

My last look is a thigh-high boot with a sweatshirt dress, which is one of my favorite looks, especially when I really don’t want to wear pants. Kylie did a photoshoot in this outfit in her New York hotel after the VMAs, which like, same. I found a dupe of the off-the-shoulder sweatshirt dress for under $20, so it’s an obvious win. This look is perfect for a night out, or even a boozy brunch when you want to look a little extra—which, let’s be real, is every boozy brunch. I found these thigh-high boots, which are very similar to Kylie’s, for under $100 as well, so I’m pretty proud of myself. Smalls wins in life are what matter.

Boohoo Off Shoulder Ruched Side Sweatshirt Dress

EGOShoes Kelsie Embroidered Western Thigh High Long Boot

Pick up some of these pieces so you can live your best off-brand Kylie Jenner life. We can’t all be billionaires, but we can still look hot AF.

Images: @kyliejenner/Instagram (3); PrettyLittleThing; Fashion Nova; Calzedonia; Boohoo; EGOShoes
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