Where The Fuck Is The Missing Plane?

Soooo basically, a plane vanished out of the sky early Saturday (or so it seems) during a flight to Beijing. Reading the details of the disappearance it all seems very, umm…eerie and will make you never want to take another flight in your life. At least not a commercial one. Like honestly, how does an entire plane just vanish? And how is it Monday and they STILL don’t have an answer to this question? And if the Asians can't figure it out, who can?

By far, the sketchiest part of all the reports that have come out is that two passengers aboard the plane were using stolen passports. However, officials say there’s no reason to suspect terrorism at this time. But there's also no reason to NOT suspect terrorism. In other words, they have a really clear idea of whats going on.

*Side note: didn’t this happen on Scandal? When, like, Olivia’s mom wasn’t on that plane because she was actually in charge of shooting it down or something. Whatever, it’s still creepy as fuck.

Before you run out and cancel your spring break plans, betches, know that this is like, EXTREMELY rare. As one aviation expert put it, “An airplane does not just drop out of the sky.” Except maybe it does.


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