The Emotional Stages Of Getting A Text From Your Crush

Any betch who’s been in even the briefest of relationships, IRL or otherwise, knows that getting a text—much less getting a first text—from a guy who isn’t an actual boyfriend is harder than hiding a hangover at Sunday brunch. Unless you’re sending a nude (we won’t judge), we can practically guarantee that it’ll take no less than an hour or two to get a response, if you get one at all. Hey, even the betchiest amongst us can admit that it bruises the ego a little when you check your phone hours after you’ve sent a risky text and the only notifications you have are a text from your mom and a voicemail from your therapist confirming your appointment on Wednesday.

So, obviously if you get that elusive first text from a guy—and one who you don’t find repulsive, at that—celebratory alcohol a congratulations from your friends (and even your family, hi Grandma) is in order. Below, check out Betches’ latest video “When Your Crush Texts You First” and fantasize about the day that this actually happens to you. Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more hilarious content!