This Is What Happens When You See A Cute Couple On Instagram

You know those Instagram couples that are #goals? Are they really, though? There could be a whole Alexis Ren x Jay Alvarrez sitch happening, but good lighting and bone structure hides all. You would never know until one pulls out her Twitter fingers and says he’s got a small dick confirms the end of the relationship. On a smaller, less #sponsored level, your friends who post couple pictures on which you comment, “Goals *flame emoji*,” could’ve just gotten into an argument and you would never know. In the case of social media vs. reality, who wins? I need to know why one of my “couple goals” couples stopped posting cute pictures at brunch, and I need to know now. I was invested. I rooted for you… we all rooted for you. Knowing all this, I will not stop commenting, “literally so cute, stop,” on their photos, because that wedding invite may come in clutch. Watch our latest video to see what goes on behind the scenes of that photo you “just died” over:

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The Betches
The Betches
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