How Do I Know When To End Things With My On And Off Boyfriend Of 4 Years? Dear Betch…

Dear Betches,

At the moment i'm a completely mental mess. I will mention the Problem.
My ex and I have an on off relationship for 4 years now. He is an asshole, a player but I love him.

We had no contact for 6 months and 3 weeks ago I got a message that he apologized for all the things he did to me. And that he know now, I'm the woman he needs. I was so confused because this was the first time he said this to me. First I didn't want to give him a chance but then we met 2 times last week and it was very nice. We just kissed and I said to him I don't have sex until we are in a relationship again. (He was horny as fuck but I resisted!!!)

So he is now in a relationship with a bitch and he says he will breakup soon so we can be together. But I have many doubts…He doesn't text me first. He doesn't do anything to gain my trust again.. I don't want to be hurt anymore. Should I end this? Should I text him and complain that he is probably still an asshole playing with my heart. Or should I act like i don't care so he will hunt me like a dog. ?? Please tell me what to do.

Your Frustrated betch from Austria – Europe

Dear DD,

Nope, nope to all of this. You are dealing with a textbook SAB over here. Let’s go through a quick little checklist: “On and off relationship,” check. Fake-ass apology meant to keep you holding out hope he might be a “good guy” after all, check. Tried to bang you without any commitment or DTRing to speak of, check. And wait, what’s this? He’s dating another girl??? All aboard the Nope train, next stop: Fuckthatville.

It doesn't sound like this guy is ever going to come around. Pretending to ignore him so he’ll chase you would probs work for a while, but it would only be a temporary fix. You said it yourself: “He doesn’t do anything to gain my trust again.” Pretty much you just need to say Auf Wiedersehen to this SAB (did I get it right?). Props for not fucking him, though. Keep not doing that and you'll be in a better place before you know it.

In the wise words of Tupac (do you guys know who Tupac is over there?), “Girl, keep ya head up.” You’re from Austria, I’m sure you’re hot and like, speak a bunch of languages. Sooner or later you’ll find a guy who’s actually decent to you, crazy concept I know. Worst case scenario, come to the US and you’ll have guys kissing the ground you walk on just because you have a cool accent. I feel like that’s generally how it works.

Volkswagen, schadenfreude, Haagen Dazs?

The Betches

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