What’s Up With The DC Murder?

If you or your mom has seen the news lately, you’re well aware of the terrifying family murder that took place in Washington DC a few weeks ago. The whole thing sounds like an especially grisly episode of Scandal, but Shonda didn’t think this one up. It’s real.

Here’s What Happened

Savvas Savopoulos, his wife Amy, their son Philip and their housekeeper Veralicia were found dead on May 14th in their burning home. The victims were bound with signs of blunt force. They were apparently killed before the house was set on fire. One of Savvas’ employees delivered $40,000 to the house that morning. Both Savvas and Amy frantically called their second housekeeper telling her not to come to the house that day, as she was scheduled to do. Whoever got inside passed the comprehensive security system, meaning the intruder most likely knew the family.


What We Know Now

Daron Wint was identified by DNA left on a crust of pizza in the house. It is thought that he had food delivered to the house while he held the family hostage. Years ago, he worked as a welder at American Iron Works, where Savvas is the CEO. Daron is being held by the police and was charged with first-degree murder. They arrested four other people, but they have since been released. Police are saying that there may be more suspects in the family’s deaths. The couple had two daughters who were away at boarding school. The family’s Porsche, where the $40,000 was left, was burned and abandoned in a Maryland parking lot after it was seen leaving the house.



While there’s a clear connection between Daron and the Savopoulos, the motive is still a mystery. The investigation is ongoing, and the entire neighborhood is terrified.


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