What Vanessa Hudgens Wore: Outfits That Have Zac Efron Living in Regret

From singing alongside Zac Efron to sending nudes to Drake or Josh (I don’t know and I don’t care, but the smart money's on Josh), Vanessa Hudgens has solidified her self as a great among the slutty, breakaway Disney star lineup. Hey, Miley, Lindsay, Britney, Christina, and Selena.

She solidified her transition from wholesome to whore in Spring Breakers with other Disney affiliates Seleener and AshBenzo. I’ve seen her naked enough times, which, tbh, was kinda meh, but when this girl wears clothes there's no stopping her. She was the inspiration behind all three bohemian-chic outfits I wore in 09’, 10’, 11’, 12’, 13’, and, although I don’t know what the future holds, I’m very excited. I decided to use my favorite shopping buddy app The Hunt (which FYI is now available for Android) to find out how to get her day-to-day looks, and let's just say it was the start of something new.

Cutoffs & Flannel

I would have no shame in fighting a black-eyeliner-wearing preteen for this at my local Brandy Melville. Also, I'm beginning to feel like pulling off jorts depends more on the betchy don't give an eff confidence, and less on season.

Perfect Match: Brandy Melville Gnarly Tee // Best Match: Ripped Shorts

Flaunt Cover

Flaunt is the preeminent magazine for former Disney stars, like Nick Jonas, looking to spread their ~adult~ wings and reach out to a new audience. Hudgens appears on the cover and looks great in a look that will never go out of style: a white crop top and ripped jeans. I don’t hate the blonde bob either, but I don’t think I can hunt that, yet…

Best Match: Tess Giberson Bralette Top – H. Lorenzo // Best Match: Distressed Washed Boyfriend Jeans

Crop Top Queen

These colors together are gorgeous. I love the crop and the white pants. For someone who has had, not one, but two nude photo scandals, betch looks angelic.

Perfect Match: High-Rise Chiffon Wide-Leg Pants // Best Match: Nasty Gal All Tied Up Crop Top

Cutout Chic

Now, we've hunted two crop tops and a cutout, I think it's clear Vanessa loves to show off some skin. In her defense, if my abs looked that good I would have probably cut the dress myself.

Perfect Match: Tomas Maier Cut-Out Dress

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