What To Wear To A Summer Wedding Based On The Dress Code

It’s summer, which means everyone you know is getting married or having babies. Seriously, what is in the water? Stop procreating and settling down, people. It’s like Noah’s Ark on my social media. And I don’t know who anyone is anymore since they all have different last names. On that note, summer is a tricky time for wedding fashion, since you want to look chic and appropriate, but also not have ass sweat.  Depending on the dress code, I’ve found some cute af options to wear for any wedding event that will keep you cool while you dance and get drunk off the open bar. Side note: if you’re having a wedding and I have to sit through it, an open bar is NOT OPTIONAL.

1. Casual

Casual weddings are a totally rarity, but I guess they do still sometimes happen. Even though it says casual, that doesn’t mean jeans and T-shirt. You still want to look presentable but also not accidentally flash your vag to Grandma. I like this cute summery dress, paired with dressy sandals or wedges. It’s not too dressed up, but you’ll still look hot in photos, and most importantly, you’ll stay cool.

Favor Ruched Midi Dress, Main, color, Yellow Garden

AFRM Favor Ruched Midi Dress

2. Cocktail/Semi-Formal

If you need a summer cocktail dress, try something light like lace with a trendy cut, like off-the-shoulder. I really like things that you can dress up or down, and this one from ASTR THE LABEL is super versatile so you’ll definitely get to wear it again. I actually bought this dress online last year for a summer wedding at full-price and it immediately sold out. Then I got it in the mail, only to discover that the small would perfectly fit a 9-year-old boy. I couldn’t even put the ends of the zipper near each other, much less close it. Now it’s back and on sale, and I am buying a large because it is sooo pretty but has no stretch whatsoever. Anyway. It’s gorgeous and you should buy it and then we will match. But definitely size up.

Off the Shoulder Lace Minidress, Main, color, Lilac

ASTR THE LABEL Off The Shoulder Lace Minidress 

3. Beach Formal

Beach formal is super popular out here in Socal, but it’s also a weird dress code since beachy sh*t is, by definition, not formal. Basically, it means wear a chic maxi dress and wedges, lest you fall and die in the sand. I love this dress from Leith, as you can dress it up or down, but mostly you’ll definitely be able to wear it after the wedding. Plus, the fabric is light and the skirt has a slit so you’ll get some air.

Floral Maxi Dress, Main, color, Blue Pearl Painterly Blooms

Leith Floral Maxi Dress

4. Formal/Black Tie Optional

Black tie optional basically means “wear jeans and die”. You need be fancy af, but the dress doesn’t have to be floor-length. Because it’s still summer, you need to find a balance between looking nice but also not piling on heavy fabrics. This lace dress is gorgeous, but as you can see, it has very fine cutouts and holes so it’ll be airy. Plus, it’s midi-length, but since the bottom is sheer, it will feel like you’re wearing a mini, yet it’s totally appropriate.

Sienna Lace Trumpet Dress, Main, color, Dusty Blue

Bardot Sienna Lace Trumpet Dress

5. Black Tie

Black Tie means you wear the fanciest sh*t you can afford, and you better wear a tux or floor-length gown. It’s summer’s worst nightmare. Avoid sweating off your super expensive makeup by finding a cut that is appropriate but exposes as much skin as you can get away with. This mermaid gown is off the shoulder and has a slit, so you won’t feel suffocated. The slit also makes it so you can walk normally—and as someone that once walked several blocks in a skin-tight leather pencil skirt where my legs could only move an inch at a time, this is super important. Plus it’s so beautiful, it’s like the dream outfit to accidentally run into your ex in. Also, it’s incredibly affordable—most gowns like this are soooo expensive and let’s be real, they’re pretty much one-use every 5 years. This one is UNDER $100. That’s right.

Off the Shoulder Mermaid Gown, Main, color, Red

Lulus Off The Shoulder Mermaid Gown

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