All The Best Shows & Movies Coming To Netflix In August

Now that summer is halfway over and all the good holidays have passed, you find yourself bored. Even your summer fling has simmered down and fall shopping hasn’t quite started yet. Don’t worry, that’s why we always trust Netflix to switch up the menu so we don’t get tired of the same thing everyday. Thankfully they understand how easily bored we get and have announced new shows that are coming to the site this August. Since we know the only thing you hate more than being bored is to like actually have to think/do anything, we rounded up our favorite August shows and movies coming to Netflix for you.

‘The Addams Family’ – August 1

We all went through a Wednesday Addams goth phase, no matter how short-lived. And I mean, props to her contributions to resting bitch face and wearing all black in the summer. We may have replaced black lipstick with a more sensible deep purple, but we’ll never forget the joy of this movie.

‘The Matrix Trilogy’ – August 1

It probably won’t hold up, but we’re sure you can find a drinking game to play along with this one. Plus, there’s something about Keanu that keeps us watching, the same way we kept talking to Smarter Child on AIM even though we knew it was a waste of time.

‘Wild Wild West’ – August 1

It’s too bad Will Smith stopped rapping for all his movies, because as campy as this movie was, we still enjoyed it at the time. There’s animatronic spiders and Salma Hayek’s boobs in this, so what’s not to love?

‘Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later’ – August 4

Netflix continues making these and we’re here for it. The last reboot did not disappoint, and we love the comedians involved in this. Plus it’ll help you relive your old camp days, which is both fun and terrifying.

‘Holes’ – August 5

This is where we fell in love with Zero for like five months before the actor who played him promptly dropped off the face of the earth. And the guy who wrote this book wrote the Wayside High books, which was quirky before quirky was a thing. Also, RIP Shia Labeouf. He’s not dead but like, you know what I mean. 

Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ – August 18

Superheroes are for nerds, but Jessica Jones was pretty chill so maybe this series will have some mileage. It seems like an easy enough series to watch, and if we hate it we can just wait for the next superhero series they are making literally every 10 minutes.

‘Once Upon a A Time’ – August 25

If you’re one of those people who just cannot get enough of re-imaginings of classic fairy tales, this show is for you. You’ll see literally every possible fairy tale personality (Elsa from Frozen makes an appearance) and there are so many episodes you’ll be able to binge for days. Also like, costumes and shit.

‘The Good Place’ – August 29

If you haven’t already watched this show now is your chance. Kristen Bell plays a betchy hot mess that gets sent to heaven when she’s supposed to go to hell, and she talks her way into letting them stay if she can prove she is good. Basically talking your way out of the ultimate parking ticket.

And don’t let these shows Irish exit on you. Here’s everything leaving this month, so get your fix in before last call:

’10 Things I Hate About You’ – Leaving August 1

This is a classic, and it’ll never get old. Also, Heath Ledger. RIP, still not over it.

‘Superbad’ – Leaving August 4th

This is a classic one to watch if you’re leaving for college or just remembering the time you were leaving for college.

‘Dope’ – Leaving August 10

Just a classic story about a nerd who loves hip-hop—sort of. Come for the 80s style, stay for the very funny performances and Shameik Moore’s face (consider this your formal invitation to slide into my DM’s, kthx).

‘Revenge’ Seasons 1-4 – Leaving August 28

Catch up on Revenge before it leaves forever.