What the Perfect Woman Looks Like to Men and Women

A recent study revealed that men and women have very different perceptions of what is considered beautiful for their own bodies and for the opposite sex. This isn't really groundbreaking information as we all know men prefer boobs and ass while women prefer to be ano thin. However, this study's fairly interesting because it composited several hot celebs' face and body features to create these supposedly “perfect people.” Here they are:

Is it me or does that not look exactly like Sofia Vergara on the left? Anyway, the girl on the right looks like a stripper. No surprise there either. I still don't agree the left is an accurate depiction of what girls think is hot. It's an accurate medium, but I feel like most girls don't know that Gwyneth has an 8-pack. In reality, I think they're actually striving for something like Matthew McConaughey's bod in Dallas Buyer's Club. I blame fashion. 

Here's the “Perfect Man”… 

What to gather from this: women prefer their men slightly leaner and directly out of The Vampire Diaries. 

Source: Dailymail.co.uk


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