What Shay Mitchell Wore: Get Shay’s Style Secrets

On screen pretty poor little Emily Fields has nothing to do but look concerned and makeout with girls, but in real life pretty chic Shay Mitchell does everything, from looking chic to being even chicer. This betch runs her own blog that posts cocktail recipes, and has perfected her cool girl-next-door-who-just-happens-to-be-gorgeous vibe. Her insta is also equally amazing. We too wanted to know how to look like you don’t care while still caring, so we employed The Hunt to find the looks. Now, can they find out who the eff A is already? 

Feelin’ the Fringe

I know it’s only October, but this outfit has me planning for Coachella. I can totally see myself passed out in the Sahara tent wearing this. Paired with the army green shorts, this is so Cadet Kelly chic.

Perfect Match: Billabong Laneway Colors Cut Off Short Best Match: Crocheted Fringe Slub Knit Crop Top 

Little Black Dress 

So I hunted down what I will be wearing this holiday season, burgundy lip and all. I love this racy little lacy.

Best Match: Lovers + Friends Grand Finale Black Lace Dress

Flawless Flannel

Even when Shay works out she manages to look cool in all white Nikes and a flannel shirt tied around her waist, just like she’s in a music video.

Perfect Match: Tartan Plaid Flannel Best Match: Nike White Sneakers 

To Die For Two Piece

Even if you don’t “summer” in the Hamptons or Palm Beach, you can make everyone think you do in this palm-tree print two-piece.

Best Match: LaLaLand Two Piece 

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