What Multimillion-Dollar Company Does Corinne Run? An Investigation

Our girl Corinne has said a lot of outlandish things in her few short weeks on The Bachelor this season, but probably the craziest one is her assertion that she runs a multi-million dollar company. Like, that’s a pretty bold claim to make. Corinne is only 24 years old, and we’re expected to believe she runs some hugely profitable business all by herself, and she won’t even tell anyone which company she works for? I mean, you’d think she’d be all over the free promo you could get just by mentioning the name once on camera. So because we’re kind of obsessed with all things Corinne, we’re going to investigate whether she’s really some genius entrepreneur or if she’s just playing us all. And by “investigate,” I mean “summarize the research somebody else already did,” because research is work and you know how betches feel about that.

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So apparently Chris Harrison gave an interview with Yahoo! a while back and told them that Corinne runs her parents’ company. So like, does she actually run it, or is it like the time I helped my dad organize a few files and then put “Legal Assistant” on my resume? 

Regardless, some hero over at Romper did the heavy lifting and did a Google search for people with the name Olympios in the Miami area, and came up with a James Olympios with a relative named Corinne. None of this has been officially confirmed or anything, but I think we have a winner here—I mean really, who else could it be.

Corinne Olympios

This James Olympios owns a company called ArmorGarage Inc. “that supplies ‘high performance premium grade epoxy coatings and flooring products’ to the U.S. military, Fortune 500 companies, and various shop and home owners,” according to Romper. All of that sounds boring as hell. I would have expected something a lot more exciting from someone who’s partied with 2Chainz. Then again, it sort of explains things—if I spent 40 hours a week looking at epoxy, or even reading the word “epoxy,” I’m pretty sure I’d also be batshit insane once I finally got to interact with other people.

For what it’s worth, this website looks like it was designed in 2001, and I fell asleep just looking at it. Like, WTF Corinne. This is lame as fuck. I expected way more from you.

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