What Kylie Wore: Kylie Jenner’s Hottest Outfits from Insta and Where to Get Them

When Kylie Jenner puts up a new pic on instagram your thought process is as follows: Ugh she's so cool. Does she do her own makeup? Why's her hair so fucking blue. What the fuck is she wearing and where can I buy it? We can't answer all those questions because like, whatever, but we'll do you the solid of reporting her outfits because that's all that really matters in life. 

MINKPINK Slasher Flick Shorts in Denim

 Brandy Melville Nadine Top

It's not every day you find a wall full of white roses so you OBVIOUSLY need to take a pic of your abs. 

Shop her shorts and top:



Wildfox Sun Le Femme Deluxe Frame

She later brought these sunglasses to her hair colorist and the rest was history.

Similar sunnies: 



Finders Keepers Rise and Fall Playsuit

This is her “in the car” smize. It's very different than all her other smizes. Which look like she's about to fuck her iPhone. 

Other “playsuits,” a term not to be confused with attire sold at bondage boutiques:



MIKOH Swimwear Banyans top & Kapalua bottom

This is her “I know my body is hot but check out my family's sweet BBQ set up” look.

More sick bathing suits that will give you awkwardly sexy tan lines: 



Avelon White Mesh and Lace Trousers

Brandi Melville Meggy Top

White wide legged pants are in as is sheer. So Kylie's like, fuck it I'm combining the two because I'm amazing. She is flawless in this getup and we refuse to make fun of it. But we will say she's a Kardashian/Jenner so she def did not wake up like this. 

All White Everything:


BLK DNM Oversized Motorcycle Jacket

Kylie can basically pull anything off. Even this gargantuan leather jacket she pulled out of Rob's fat-phase closet. 

Shop similar Biggie inspired leather jackets:



As always, let us know in the comments on what other celeb fashion you'd like us to report.


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