What Is Going On With All The New Underwear Companies?

First there was Facebook, which started the social media craze. Well, if we’re going to get technical, there was Friendster before that, but whatevs. Now that the start-up and app world has been oversaturated by Stanford B-school alums and their swipe “technology”, there’s a new frontier.  But it’s not tech related, as you might think. It’s underwear.

At least, that’s what the trend seems to be. We can’t help but notice a sudden wave of special underwear being marketed to us across the board. What’s going on? The last time underwear was a talking point was when Sisqo came out with 'The Thong Song'. All of a sudden we’re seeing vague youth targeted MeUndies ads and fart-proof underwear blog write-ups and who knows what else.

Our guess is new business owners are just bored with making apps and everything else was taken, so underwear is the new industry to explore. There’s special period underwear built for comfort like Dear Kates and also just period underwear PERIOD, like Thinx. If you haven’t heard of these, they’ve been all over IG and Buzzfeed and all the other drone-like women’s blogs that are always either trying to make us feel better or worse about ourselves (we won’t call names but one of them starts with a C). Thinx is supposed to be period proof underwear that you can wear ALL DAY without a tampon or a pad.  Sounds revolutionary. But also, have they not heard of IUDs?


We’re not even going to get into Shreddies, but you can google it on your own. We never thought so many companies could be devoted to our underwear, but it seems like this is the new thing.  What’s next? Birth control underwear? Underwear that charges your phone? Actually, those would be kind of cool. Get on it Zuckerberg.


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