How Do I Interpret a Guy’s Emoji Use? Dear Betch…

Hey Betches,

So there’s this guy I’ve been texting and we have hung out a few times. He seems nice so far but he does this thing where he will randomly (like at 3pm on a Tuesday random) text me only a smiley face. Not even an emoji, just a 🙂

At first I thought it was just him being cute, but if he really wanted to talk to me wouldn’t he use words to do that instead of a 1992 style emoji? Or is this just a mid-afternoon booty call?

And then when I thought it was just like a thing he did, another guy did it to me. Random smiley face after hours of not texting me. Is this a new thing that guys have invented to cause mass confusion for the girl they’re texting?

Any input would be great.


More like LOL, amirite?

Lmao, am I ever glad I’m not in the college dating pool anymore. This is just ridiculous. Was there ZERO context to any of these smiley faces? WTF. If I had to guess I’d say these guys are just trying to test the waters and make sure you haven’t forgotten about their existence (read: dicks), but are too much of a pussy to like, actually text you a complete greeting. A “Hey, I’m still here and would fuck so don’t move onto some other dude,” if you will. Is this what we’re classifying as “effort” nowadays? May God help us all.

Where’s Sexts and Subtexts with The Head Pro when you need it?


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