What Do I Do If a Bro Forgets His Jacket In My Room After a Hookup? Dear Betch…

Dear Head Betch,

Opinions needed. Another weekend and another drunken activity on the collegiate campus. Being the true betch I am I of course show up to every frat half drunk so I don't make a fool of my self when ripping shots from a pledge brother working the bar.

Anyway, I meet the hottest guy in the frat who then comes back to my room. Do not worry I don't slut my self out to the greek community. However, I am left with a Ralph Lauren Polo Club Sports Jacket in my room. Like thank God it was Ralph Lauren, I don't do knock offs or anything less. How the ef do I give the jacket back with out being too clingy/annoying or weird. But I don't wanna steel it cause thats just clepto and I don't do that. When he comes to pick it up do I meet him outside or just like have him come in?


The confused betch

Dear Fucking Idiot,

This is like the dumbest thing I've ever read and I can't believe I'm actually honoring it with a response. First of all, learn how to spell. It's STEAL not STEEL unless you plan on turning the jacket into a lightning rod. Second, stop trying so fucking hard to sound cool by bragging about a non-knockoff Ralph Lauren jacket. No one gives a shit and you come off like a huge loser.

Here's what to do when someone leaves their shit in your room. 1. Text them, “hey you left your jacket here”. 2. They either arrange a time to pick it up or they don't because they never want to see you again and they decide it's not worth seeing you to get their shit back. 3. If he comes to pick it up, when he knocks on your door you bring the jacket to the door and give it to him.

God I feel like I'm teaching special ed., 

The Betches


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