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Dear Head Pro,

I am wondering what your opinion, and the general opinion of guys, is on tattoos. I know there was a post over the summer which expressed a general disdain for small tattoos, but I’m interested in hearing your opinion on all types of tattoos. Are there any tattoos on girls that you absolutely hate? Are there any types of tattoos on girls that you think are super hot?

I’m personally thinking of getting a small tattoo on my ribcage just to further solidify my status as extreme white girl!!! In all honesty I just think they’re hot af & it’s small and of a proverb I’ve always loved then why not?! Ultimately, I think it’s your body and you should do whatever makes you happy and not give a fuck what anyone else thinks.  Yet, I did take the time to write you this email asking your opinion so I definitely still do care what people (mostly guys I will be hooking up with/dating) will think about this tattoo!


I’m getting a tattoo either way

Dear Go Ahead and Get Your Tattoo,

First, let’s all be very clear about what tattoos are, and what they aren’t: Tattoos are 100% about looks, or how you want yourself to look. What they aren’t about are things you love, things you care about or things that have meaning to you. Sure, it would be odd to get a tattoo of something that you hated, or had no meaning to you. But you aren’t getting a tattoo of your boyfriend’s name or a Bible verse you like because you’ll forget it otherwise, or because it will somehow mean you love it more. You’re doing it because you like the way it looks. Which is fine!

That said, what “guys” think about “tattoos” on “girls” is really kind of impossible to answer. My buddy and I threw a party last summer, and we hired a bartender to work it. She was great, and she also happened to have… whatever the leg equivalent of full tattoo sleeves are (pants?). I did not find that attractive, not that impressing me was on her list of things to do that day. Now, some dudes might have loved that, but I think if you were to poll a large group of men, they would vote for a woman without tattoos over one who had them.

What it comes down to is how visible you choose to make your tattoos, thereby determining just how big a part they are of who you are. The bartender obviously liked the way her tattoos looked, but she also wanted people to see them – it was part of the image she wanted to cultivate for herself. I don’t think the average guy takes issue with tattoos themselves, per se. I just think they tend to be turned off by “tattoo people” due to all sorts of preconceptions too numerous to get into here. In your case, no one discovering your little ribcage tattoo is going to clutch his pearls and run. And if anyone does, well, that tattoo did you a big fucking favor. If seeing that little tattoo in the mirror makes you happy, then go for it.

I have a tattoo (and no, you may not see it),

Head Pro

Dear Head Pro,

I’ve been best friends with a guy since freshman year of college.  We’ve always been very close, so everyone in college thought we’d end up together.  We have only ever seen each other as friends-never gone out on a date, never kissed, never cuddled or gotten touchy feely with each other.

He’s been dating a girl for a few years now. I’ve only met her a couple times. Until a few months ago I lived in a different city, but now that we live in the same city again it’s clear she has a problem with our friendship. He and I don’t speak or see each other daily or anything like that.

She gets upset that he only hangs out with me when she’s not around. I would understand this, but apparently she doesn’t ever want to spend any time with me. It’s hard to say it’s sketchy that we hang out whenever she’s not around and then refuse to hang out with me when he or I offer. She gets mad when he has me over their house and is uninterested in getting to know me. I have told him multiple times I’m more than willing to put that aside and get to know her. I’ve told him that I care about him and want him to be happy, so I would like to put forth an effort with her. I also told him if she loves him then she’d be willing to do the same with me.

It’s frustrating because I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like and I feel unwelcome in their house. I suspect he may be keeping us apart because it’s easier for him and also that he sometimes lies to her about seeing me so he won’t get yelled at. He may be worried that if we spend time together and the situation doesn’t resolve it will force him into a predicament. He doesn’t want to break up with her or have a difficult time being friends with me. Does this seem plausible?

I really think if she gets to know me we’ll be able to get along and she’ll see that I’m no threat. I’ve brought it up multiple times with him. I have two main questions: is there anything else I should do?  Again, I want him to be happy and I want to be supportive of his relationship, but if she continues to be suspicious of me despite my efforts then what is your advice for being supportive of someone who probably doesn’t trust him and gets in the way of our friendship?


Just a friend

Dear Just a Friend,

NOPE. Sorry, but this email is a lie. Now, sure, I will concede that this girlfriend of his sounds like a Grade-A twat, and his waffling pussiness about wanting to hang out with you and yet not wanting to press with the girlfriend is annoying. Aside from that, you can drop the pretenses of wanting to “get to know” his girlfriend and trying to be “supportive of the relationship” in the name of preserving your friendship. You were never “best” friends – you fucking love this guy. Admit it.

Exhibit A: You pulled the “if she loved him, she would do what I’m doing and try to get to know me.” Bullshit. You’re basically saying “I must love you more, since she’s not willing to do what I am.” Nope, sorry. There’s nothing in rule book that dictates a new girlfriend has an obligation to get friendly with all of her boyfriend’s friends. If it’s a “best” friend we’re talking about, then she at worst has to tolerate them. In that situation, a guy will make a case for his best friend so that his girlfriend gets over herself and deals with him, or at the very least stops giving him shit when they hang out without her. That’s not happening here, so I’m doubting your best friend status.

Exhibit B: The 2nd sentence in this email is “We’ve always been very close, so everyone in college thought we’d end up together.” That’s, uh, not an especially relevant detail. That is, unless you’re actually in love with your “friend.” Which you are. Why else would you bother with this? It’s not like your friendship is ruined – you see each other what sounds like regularly, just not “as often as you’d like.”

It sucks that his girlfriend is such a bitch, and it sucks that he’s not doing more to remedy the situation – but that’s his job (if he so chooses), not yours. Unfortunately, it sounds like his girlfriend is the one putting her foot down and deciding that her boyfriend doesn’t need to be friends with a girl who’s using him to live out her own boyfriend fantasies.

Spurned kisses,

Head Pro

Email Head Pro your questions about friends, tattoos and love at headpro@betcheslovethis.com


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