What Do 'The Bachelor' Contestants Eat During Filming? An Investigation

If you’re an avid Bachelor/Bachelorette watcher, and like, obv you are, you probably wonder wtf they eat while they’re on the show. Our lives kind of revolve around food, and we can’t help but notice how thin these bitches stay while they’re throwing back drinks and going to ridiculous destinations like Finland or the exotic Midwest.

We did some investigatory journalism, and here’s the deal with eating on The Bachelor—you know, so you can plan it out when it’s your turn to be on national television.

On The Dates

The Bachelor

It’s long been suggested that the food we see so lovingly prepared for one-on-one dates is never actually eaten. Seriously—go back and watch. Do you ever see the Bachelor/Bachelorette and their date eat more than a bite or two on camera? Look how much fucking food is left when they leave! Can I have it? In 2013, honorary betch Chris Harrison wrote that the contestants DO eat the food, although they often eat it BEFORE filming, alone, in their hotel rooms, so as to not interfere with the mics and to avoid the audience listening to just how loudly they can chew. He went on to say that Sean and Catherine did eat on camera. Not surprised, tbh.

In The House

Nick Viall

It’s amazing to us that, considering there is no gym in the house (really), contestants can eat whatever the fuck they want while they’re in the house. One Bachelor contestant said that the house is literally full of food and booze (win) that literally fits EVERYONE’S needs be they raw, paleo, vegan, gluten-free—whatever. The downside is that there is no chef on site (like on Bachelor in Paradise), so contestants have to cook their own meals or bully another girl into doing it for them. Sounds reasonable. Additionally, there are “grocery lists” that the girls or guys can add stuff to, since they aren’t allowed to leave the house for a trip to Trader Joe’s. So, if you’re a contestant and really craving Double-Stuffed Oreos, you can make a producer fetch it for you.

During Cocktail Parties

Chad The Bachelor

As we all saw with The Chad chowing down on meat snacks and other sodium-laden cold cuts at a few rose ceremonies, it turns out that cocktail parties are catered. Before you go getting your hopes up, understand that while they are catered, it’s mostly shit like chicken fingers and Domino’s. Really. I guess in Chad’s case it was one of Jersey Mike’s finest meat platters.