What Business Does Peter Own? The 'Bachelorette' Hottie May Be Here For The Wrong Reasons

If you remember back to the super hilarious (if I do say so myself) breakdown of contestants on this season of The Bachelorette, you’ll recall that this year’s first one-on-one date-getter, Peter, listed his occupation as “Business Owner”.

Like, sure, that’s the most boring title you could give yourself on this show, especially when you consider one of these motherfuckers thinks “Whaaboom” is a job. Then again, maybe calling yourself a “business owner” is strategic because it says you have a job, but also have enough control in your finances to abandon your business for a few months to go on a reality TV show.

Unlike Corinne, whose father started a business to make sure his daughter’s platinum vagine stayed gainfully employed while she went to jiggle her boobs on national television, it seems like Peter actually built his own business—and by business, we mean his own personal training gig

Peter owns “Worth Personal Training” where the motto is, of course: “Because you are WORTH it!”


I don’t particularly understand how Peter is single. He’s hot AF and a personal trainer. Personal trainers are notorious for meeting and henceforth hooking up with their clients. You think there’d be one meagerly hot woman in Madison, Wisconsin who wanted to just tone up a little and then turn up with Peter a lot.

Even though technically personal training is a job, let us not forget that Peter is also a model—evidenced by the modeling pics on his Insta and the fact he told us that in his bio. That’s right, everyone who thought Peter was totally on the show for the right reasons, he also probably has somewhat of an agenda. Who doesn’t these days, though? *Glares angrily at Whaboom and the Tickle Monster*

Peter The Bachelorette

I’m legit disappointed we didn’t see more of Peter on this week’s episode. I seriously can’t get enough of that gap-toothed stud muffin. We got a whole lotta Eric, who is, you guessed it, also a personal trainer. We also discovered that Whaboom’s arch nemesis, Blake E., was somewhat of a personal trainer/aspiring drummer/creepy banana eater, so I guess the whole show wasn’t a loss. 

Take note, guys who want their life coaching and personal training business to take off. If you already have a hot bod, why not go on The Bachelorette for some free marketing?