Wet Hot American Summer: Throwback Thursday

Summer is approaching and as betches in training all around the world get ready for sleepaway camp, we can't help but reminisce on one of the greatest camp movies of all time. It was the last day of summer camp. It was the first day of the third week in August. It was a Wet Hot American Summer.

It's a movie about sex, drugs, and musical camp theater, the cornerstones of an amazing eight weeks. On top of that, it has a fucking hysterical all star cast of Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Janeane Garofalo, and Elizabeth Banks. I mean who doesn't have fantasies about a world where Bradley Cooper is a gay talent show choreographer at a Jewish camp circa 1981?

So as you stare outside of your internships and jobs this summer, think back to the days of a stocked canteen, color war, and your lost virginity at sleepaway camp and remember the tagline of the best movie ever. High Times. Hard Bodies. Soft Rock.

The lake at camp was fucking awesome. Being forced to swim was not.


Watching Amy Poehler freak out is like the best thing ever.

I need you to know I have been busting my balls, woman! I am telling you, the musical numbers are a mess, my kids are a bunch of amateurs, and the last thing I need today is some diabetic freak prancing around on stage making my life a living hell!


Paul Rudd is never not funny.


Camp is about sex, not dating nice guys.



People get way too into the camp production. Sorry just because you had the lead in Grease during the summer of '99 doesn't mean you're gonna be a fucking broadway star.



Then again, this was some serious shit.



The people who work at camp for too long only got laid at camp.



Never trust the bro that works in the kitchen.



Cleaning shit up fucking sucks



This is def not what happened when you got to go into town.



Oh and obviously any movie in which a can of mixed vegetables has dialogue is clearly pretty great.



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