Welcome to Leo Season: Weekly Horoscopes July 22-26

Welcome to Leo season, betch! Now is not the time for being shy or staying inside. Now is the time to be your most extra-extra self and hog as much of that spotlight as you possibly can! Leos are known as the performers of the zodiac, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself acting like a celeb this month. Just don’t get so cocky that you actually end up going live on Insta Story. Nobody wants to see that.


If you have a DIY project on the back burner, now is the time to take the plunge and get your craft on. An Aries in Leo season means your creativity is through the roof and that wine-bottle-turned-lamp might actually end up looking exactly like it did on Pinterest. Okay, not exactly like it. That’s impossible. But pretty close!


Leo season has you in the mood to stay tf in (okay so you’re always in that mood), but that doesn’t mean you can’t be social! This week is the perfect time to plan a little get together at Chez Taurus, featuring all your favorite wine, tunes, and cheese and none of that annoying “leaving the house” sh*t you usually have to do to see other humans. The best of both worlds!


Leo season has turned you into a party animal, and considering how hard you’ve been working the past few weeks, you deserve it! This is not the week for staying late to finish [insert annoying thing your boss wants you to do]. This is the week for cutting out early due to [insert lie] and getting to the nearest rooftop bar ASAP. Just make sure any and all stories are shared with “close friends” only.


#TBT to Cancer season, because it’s time to pass the (very emotional) torch to Leo. But don’t let that get you down! Leo season is the perfect time for you to check-in with your goals, particularly those surrounding finances, and undo some of the damage your birthday month did. And no, we don’t blame you for buying so many sheet masks (but maybe cook dinner a couple days this month to make up the difference?)


Welcome to your season, Leo! If we know you, then you’ve probably already planned an entire month’s worth of birthday events, a photoshoot, and a three-post retrospective of the last year for Instagram. Good for you! This week, embrace your most extra self and don’t let anybody dull that shine. It’s your birthday month, dammit!


Leo is in your twelfth house of healing, meaning it’s time for you to let sh*t go. Is there someone you can take off your blocked caller list? A few friends you can un-mute on Insta? Not saying they’re not still annoying as f*ck, but letting go of the grudge will make you feel a whole lot lighter.


Uhh are you a Kardashian, Libra? Because all your business ventures are going amazing right now. Leo season is the perfect time for you to connect with your inner mogul, as the stars are aligned for your money moves to pay off in a major way. Penthouse suite here you come!


Leo has you transferring all your chaotic summer energy directly into your career, meaning you are primed for some big things. Dust off your best work attire and start dressing for the job you want. It might be yours be the end of the week.


Pack your bags, Sagittarius! Leo is giving you serious wanderlust and there is no reason not to pay attention to that. Call up that friend with a lake house (we all have one) and see if they’re into an impromptu vacation. Just make sure to also ask them how they’ve been doing since last you talked (approximately five years ago).


Leo season is intensifying your love life, thank f*cking God. Keep an eye out for some unexpected connections, and don’t let your traditional dealbreakers stop you from exploring a new relationship. Not saying you should let it slide if they have a wedding ring, but maybe it’s okay to try dating someone with an Android. Maybe…


You’ve been something of a hermit this summer, Aquarius (we don’t blame you, it’s hot as f*ck), but it’s time to re-enter the world. Schedule some group activities ASAP and let people know you’re not dead. They’ll be so happy/surprised to hear from you!


Grab some green juice and dust off the old Classpass, because you’re on a wellness kick! Who said late July was too late to start that summer fitness routine? Leo has given you the motivation and the energy to actually show up to that 9am spin class, so don’t waste it. Who knows when you’ll feel this way again?

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Alise Morales
Alise Morales
Alise Morales is a comedy writer and performer. She is the writer of the Betches Sup Newsletter and co-host of the Betches Sup Podcast.