Mercury And Venus Are Ready To Partaaay: Weekly Horoscopes June 11-15

Planets are on the move. Changing planets mean changing times. Be prepared for your favorite contestant to get the boot on The Bachelorette Monday night. Mercury might change how you communicate with others; social Venus affects who you communicate with. Of course, exactly how these planets impact you is up to when you were born. Here are your weekly horoscopes June 11-15.


With the Sun in your communication zone opposing Pluto, you may feel compelled to get something off your chest. If you can tell a breakup is on the horizon for you and your significant other, this is the weekend to rip off the Band-Aid. If it’s something less serious and depressing, like the fact you borrowed your roommate’s white dress and spilled a vodka cranberry on it, you might as well fess up while most other signs are in a forgiving mood.


This week, Venus moves to the bottom of your chart, creating peaceful times at home. You’ll be vibing really well with your roommates, and things with your boyfriend are totally smooth sailing. With the Moon in your sign, you’re chill, you’re on top of things, you’re comfortable in your skin. When someone comes to you with a problem this week, you should help them out, right? Like, take pity on someone whose life isn’t fucking amazing like yours is right now.


You might not be able to get what you want from others this week. What you see as wit and charm might be misinterpreted as manipulation. Like, sorry, dry your eyes because the tears won’t cut it while the Sun is at odds with Pluto. Thankfully, Venus will sweeten your dealings with others, so maybe those cunning tactics won’t even be needed. Be straight-up about what you’re seeking. Ask and it shall be given, yadda yadda yadda.


With Mercury in your sign starting this week, things will be fast-paced and busy. It might be summer, but you’ve got a full schedule and obligations to get to. Maybe this is the time to try out one of those day-to-night looks women’s magazines are always pushing on us. On second thought, maybe not. Sorry Cosmo, there’s literally never been a day in history where a sequined mini-dress could look professional by adding a blazer.


You’re taking a page out of Gemini’s book this week, as you’ll be full of contradictions. The Sun makes you social, but Mercury wants you to focus on the task at hand. Venus makes you charming and fun to be around, but Pluto has you second-guessing yourself. It can all be very overwhelming. Do some yoga and meditate to center yourself. If you’re not into that, I find red wine has a very calming effect. Just saying.


The Sun is in your reputation zone, but it’s also at the top of your chart this week. That means all eyes are on you, and the attention you’re getting could have a very negative or a very positive impact on your life, depending on how you play it. If you’re unsure about how to proceed, go with what you know. Wear what you feel best in, eat your favorite foods that don’t give you uncontrollable gas, that sort of thing.


With the moon in Taurus in your intimacy realm, you’re craving attention. You’re also a little guarded thanks to a communication mishap caused by Mercury. Something your on-again-off again guy said made you reconsider your whole non-relationship, or a text from your boyfriend caught you off-guard. Reevaluate if you want to rush into bed with this guy just to get some or because you want reassurance in your relationship? Yeah, that’s what I thought.


Keep yo mouth shut this week. The Sun in your house of secrets opposing Pluto suggests that having a hot piece of gossip could give you a false sense of power. Sure, you want to play the “I know something you don’t know” game, but it’s better that you stay out of it. They say loose lips sink ships, but in this case they could end relationships or get you fired. Yikes.


Both Mercury and Venus play hype man for your Sagittarian qualities. Your mind is open to new philosophies and you want to travel in search for meaning for your life. If the extent of your  travels this week is just your commute to work, take that time to widen your viewpoint. Listen to a podcast by someone with differing political opinions than yourself, finally get around to reading that book your friend suggested, etc. Learning new things will feed your soul this week.


Mercury opposing your sign for the next two weeks opens opportunities for you to explain yourself to others. There’s a clarification that needs to be made, and this is your chance to do it. You can also use this period to not be an asshole to others. Explain to your last Hinge date why you plan on never seeing him again instead of just ghosting. Tell your boss you actually need time off for a music festival and not your grandma’s funeral. Honesty is your best policy, at least this week.


You’ve got a lot going on with you this week. Is it possible to be a hot mess but, like, in a good way? Sexy Mars in your sign makes you aggressive and ready to act. Stay away from tequila and fuckboys, especially if they’re present at the same time. Likewise, Venus helps you bond with others, so if you started a new job or just moved, this is the week to finally make some actual friends.


Pisces aren’t necessarily known for throwing down at the party, but with Mercury moving into the most playful part of your chart, this is the week for fun. It’s best you keep things light this week and avoid confrontation and deep discussions. With the Sun opposing Pluto in your social sector, both saying too much and saying too little could put you and a friend at odds.

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