Mars Is Making Moves: Weekly Horoscopes For November 12-16

Mars is shifting signs this week. This year, Mars hovered in Aquarius for, like, too long, causing a huge imbalance for some of us. But now that Mars is getting its sh*t together, the rest of us can too. During the next six weeks, we’ll pick better people to date, make better choices when ordering lunch, and probably start showing up to more things on time. Here are your weekly horoscopes for November 12-16.


Mars moves into a hidden part of your chart this week. That’s not ideal for you as it could bring on self-sabotaging behavior. Watch yourself pick more fights over stupid sh*t, hit snooze so many times you can’t shower before work, and you’ll definitely order another drink when you know you’ve had enough. Your motto this week should be “check yourself before you wreck yourself”—because you totally will. Wreck yourself, that is.


A lot of planets are piling up in Capricorn this week, causing you to hold your ground. That stubborn Taurus side of you will really be on display. You won’t back down from arguments, even if they’re petty AF. The best thing for you to do is avoid people you know push your buttons. Sorry, family, I can’t take your calls this week because I actually want to be able to show my face at Thanksgiving. Thanks.


Your passion is at an all-time high this week. Whether you’re out to save the whales, save the planet, or just score some good D, there’s not much anyone can do to stop you from getting what you want. Careful who you trample on your way to the top, Mercury in retrograde is right around the corner and you’ll be needing all the friends and good karma you can get.


Your house of partnership is full of cosmic energy this week. You might think you’re becoming a stage 5 clinger because we’re entering cuffing seasons, but the planets really aren’t helping you out here. You’ll be checking your texts, monitoring who is watching your Insta stories, and generally thirst-trapping it up. Of course, you’re not casting a wide net, though. You’ve got your eyes on a very specific prize.


Thank goodness Mars is no longer opposite your sign, making you sort of bitchy. Now that it has moved, you’ll be a little more patient, kind, understanding, and empathetic. It’s probably best you buy your coworkers a round at happy hour this week to make amends for whatever passive-aggressive comments you made when you hit “reply all” to those emails during the last six weeks.


Mars has moved opposite your sign, which isn’t the best news. Send out a mass text warning the troops that with Mars opposite your sign and Mercury about to be in retrograde, things for those around you could get brutal. I’m talking, like, Red Wedding brutal. Take deep breaths, exhausting workout classes, and probably a benzo or two to get you through this angsty time.


Over the next six weeks, you need to learn the art of delegation. You usually take on a lot of responsibility. Face it, when there’s a group project, you appoint yourself almost immediately and then complain the whole time when others aren’t contributing enough. Luckily, Venus in your sign will make you super charming so you can dole out the assignments, leaving you with little to do and all the credit to gain. It’s a win-win.


The Sun in your sign continues to make you charming, happy and admired. Most signs would enjoy the f*ck out of all the attention, but it can become too much for a Scorpio who loves her privacy. Don’t hesitate to put your needs first this month. Sure, everyone wants to know what you’re doing and where you are and who you’re with, but it’s your right as the birthday girl to be shady AF and do whatever you want, privately.


Mars changing signs makes you friendly and easygoing this week. It’s okay to let others plan while you just go along for the ride. It’s not on you to make the dinner reservations, bachelorette party plans, or lead the group project. Sit back, relax and let someone else worry about the details for once in their freaking lives.


The planets piling up in your sign can send you on a power trip. You will crave leadership roles, control, and admiration in the week ahead. Let’s not get all butt-hurt when someone doesn’t give you the recognition you think you deserve though. There are limits to your influence and there’s nothing worse than being known as the girl who said: “Do you know who I am?” Anyone who has to say that is automatically the worst.


Like Cardi B, Mars makes money moves. The changing of signs for Mars moves it into your house of wealth and prosperity. That’s actually super convenient with the holidays right around the corner. Maybe now you can show up to Thanksgiving with a bottle of wine that costs more than six bucks and your friends won’t get another IOU for Christmas.


Mars is on the move, but where did it go? Right into Pisces, that’s where. Mars makes you powerful and confident. It’s time to show the world what you are capable of. Make sure you tap into your true Pisces nature so that you don’t lose your sense of empathy and intuition around others as you’re on the way to the top. Steamroll challenges and roadblocks, not other people.

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