It's Virgo Season: Weekly Horoscopes For August 20-24

The Sun moves from Leo to Virgo this week. Yeah, boohoo Leos. You won’t be the absolute center of attention anymore. As Virgos prepare for their birthdays, the other signs are getting prepared too. You’ll feel the need to get things in order for what’s to come. Sure, summer isn’t officially over, but I see you eyeing those school supplies in the grocery store, knowing full well fall is on its way. Here are your weekly horoscopes for August 20-24:


You’ll have the realization that you really need to buckle down and get your shit together. Summer was great for you, but after months of drinking those White Claw things as if they were water, you’re feeling a little lost, a little bit off your game. It’s time to buy a blazer or something to make you feel like you’re going to get serious about things again… even if you don’t actually pull it together until after Labor Day.


Now that Mercury is out of retrograde, you can feel free to engage in romantic endeavors again. Let’s face it, you can get stuck in a rut pretty easily. So when your Hinge date asks you to do something out of your element, just go. Anyone can think Sip & Paint is a good idea, go out with the guy who takes you to a drag race. OK, maybe that’s extreme, but you get the point.


With Mercury completely out of retrograde, you can get back on track with your communication skills. Let’s face it, coming up with great Instagram captions last month was a struggle. Now that your captions and hashtags are on point, you can also catch up on all the emails and texts and messages you ignored. Like, “Hey, sorry, I’m just getting to this. Mercury was in retrograde.”


Get out that red pen, mama is scratching sh*t off the to-do list this week. The Moon in Sagittarius and your house of work is supporting you in getting as much done as possible. You might even have the energy to make your own lunch, work, go to the gym, and meet your friends for drinks after. Even if you only do two of those things, you’re probably getting more done than you were while Mercury was in retrograde.


Even though your birthday came and went, you still have an opportunity to shine in the week ahead. The Moon is in Sagittarius and your house of self-expression. That means that your funniest, most charming self will be on full display. Like, dare your coworkers not to laugh at your semi-inappropriate jokes this week. Also, I can already feel your hilarious hot take on Twitter racking up the likes.


The Sun moves into your sign midweek, bringing you energy and good vibes. Mercury is totally out of retrograde, so you’re set to live your best life in the month ahead. Since you have a couple days at the beginning of the week to prepare, you might as well freshen up that mani, get a blowout, buy a new outfit—you know, just in case all this attention comes at you hot and fast.


With your birthday on the horizon, your personal year is drawing to a close. It’s a good time to reflect on what went right and what went wrong in the year ahead. With Mercury out of retrograde now, you’ll probably get a pretty accurate picture of where you stand in life. Set your goals for the year ahead. Maybe you need to kick that weekly cigarette habit. Maybe everything is perfect and you’re amazing. In that case, never change, hun.


Now that communicator Mercury is out of retrograde, you can make progress when planning your next moves. Discussing your ideas with others won’t screw you over now. Instead, others might have decent advice to offer—or, better yet, some money for your startup. In your romantic life, it’s time to stop treading water. Make the moves or have the conversation that gets things up and running again.


The Sun travels to the top of your chart this week. It’s amazing for you, as that means there’s a big spotlight directing a bunch of attention your way. With more attention comes more criticism, too. The Moon in your sign can make you hypersensitive. You better come up with some clever clapbacks or learn to just get the f*ck over it if you want to survive the week without wasting a bunch of mascara on tears.


The Moon in Sagittarius is drawing your thoughts inward. It’s a great time for reflecting on how amazing you are. Meditation will center your spirit. If you’re feeling less than your best, it might be time to reach out for professional help, and, no, I don’t just mean a long talk with your mom. A therapist is like the new hot handbag: everyone has one and they love telling you about it.


Okay, so, I’m really sorry but just because Mercury is out of retrograde doesn’t mean your troubles are over. The next week could be really intense for you. A lot of issues you thought were dead and buried will have a way of zombie-ing back into your life. All of the episodes of The Walking Dead won’t teach you how to kill these bad vibes. Take deep breaths. Trust yourself to figure it out. You’ll survive this, betch!


The Sun sits opposite your sign for the next month. The Sun represents your energy source, so don’t be surprised if you’re super tired this month. You thought you’d get your energy back after Mercury was out of retrograde, but you were wrong. Thank god it’s still summer so you can down cold brew and take afternoon naps in a lawn chair without seeming like a total crazy person.

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