Here Are Your Weekly Horoscopes For January 15th-21st

The Sun is sliding into Aquarius to stay for a month. With all that highly intellectual Aquarius energy in the air, be prepared for a lot of serious issues to come up in conversation—issues like global warming, the current political climate, and who is the real villain on this season of The Bachelor.


The Sun in Aquarius makes you, like, really popular this week. Weird how that works. Your popularity extends into your romantic life as well. Be prepared for old and new flames to hit up your DMs. If you’re single and mingling, this is a great time for you to explore your options and get free drinks while you’re at it. If you’re in a relationship, leave the guys who aren’t your boyfriend on read so it doesn’t create drama down the road.


Even though the Sun is in Aquarius, it’s at the top of your chart. As always, that casts a really flattering light on you. You’re in the spotlight for the next four weeks. So, even though you aren’t the most outgoing of the signs, you’ll find yourself being forced into the limelight. Make sure to do your makeup and hair this week. I have a feeling you’ll be the start of a lot of other people’s Snapchats.


You’re on the cusp of something really exciting this week, and it’s not just taking the lead in your Bachelor bracket—even though you can always pick who will be left standing at the final rose ceremony. Everything new, exciting, and different is going to be especially appealing to you in the weeks ahead. Take time to travel and read up on new topics that interest you. Keeping yourself on your toes will prevent you from doing something insane like marrying a stranger or getting a dumb tattoo.


The Sun moves into one of your two money houses this week. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be rolling in dough for the next month. Instead, it might just mean that you’re stressed out about your financial situation. This might be a breaking point where you have to submit to the b-word: budget. Make it easier on yourself and don’t use retail therapy to calm your nerves about your impending financial doom, k?


Since the Sun is sitting in Aquarius for the next four weeks, that means it’s exactly opposite your sign for the next month. Since the Sun is your source of energy, it makes sense that you’ve been ordering an extra espresso shot in your coffee every morning. Venus is also opposite your sign starting this week. That’s also not great news. Don’t plan on your love life or friendships being super amazing and fulfilling until next month. Sorry, betch.


The Sun is changing signs this week and its inspiring you to really go for that change you’ve been aiming for. If you’ve wanted to get healthier, you’ll really hit your stride at the gym this month. If you’ve wanted to be more focused at work, it’ll be full steam ahead toward your goals. I’m not saying it’ll all be easy, but it will definitely be fulfilling as fuck.


Sure, we just got back to real life after a party-filled holiday season, but life for the Libra betch continues to be one big extravaganza into the next month. The Sun’s position is making things in your life light and fun. Plus, Venus is really igniting a chance for romance in your life. It’s time to start something new or spice up what you already have.


Whatever is going on in the world (and right now, that happens to be some really crazy shit), your home is always your place of peace and solitude. In the next four weeks, you’ll really find out how much of a refuge your place can be. It might be time for an Ikea trip or something. You’ll be in full nesting mode, so why not add some shit to your space that makes things cozier, homier, and more comfortable?


Your friends think you’re insane. Like, as a Sagittarius, you’re normally really focused and driven, but this week, your pace will accelerate to that of a one-woman wrecking crew. Your schedule stays really packed for the next four weeks so squeeze in your naps and veg time wherever you can. Hey, at some point in the next month, you might get to eat lunch at a table instead of at your desk. Ah, it’s really the little things in life, isn’t it?


The Sun and Venus enter one of your money houses this week. Unlike a poor Cancer betch, your outlook on finances is much better this month. You see money as a means to an end and something you have a pretty good handle on. Don’t freak out when you realize a lot of money is flowing into and out of your bank account. Everything will even out by the end of the month. Plus, fun shit always costs money and you’re due for some more fun shit in your life.


It’s time for the Sun to shine in your chart! For the next four weeks, it’s all about you. I mean, it always kind of is during your birthday month. Prepare for a lot of attention from others and overall good vibes in the weeks ahead. It’s a great time to treat yourself and go for that new outfit or mani-pedi combo when you usually just do one or the other. You deserve it, right? YAS QUEEN.

I Deserve This


Because your birthday is a month away, the Sun is now moving to a hidden part of your chart. It’s also the end of your personal year. It’s a great time for introspection and goal-setting for the year ahead, before you get caught up in the energy of your birthday month. Likewise, it’s time you start thinking of what’s important to you and cutting the shit and shitty people from your life. Make a clean break so you can start your next personal year with your best foot forward.