It's Not You, It's Virgo: Weekend Horoscopes For September 21-23

It’s time to say goodbye, Virgos. It’s the last weekend of Virgo season before we move into Libra territory. When the Sun is in Libra, you’ll be all about seeking peace and harmony in your relationships, at home, and at work. I guess this is your last weekend to be a total b*tch to friends and make a bunch of enemies before you have to be all nicey-nice. Ugh, thanks Libra. Here are your weekend horoscopes for September 21-23.


Just because you’re feeling vulnerable doesn’t mean you need to sabotage your relationships. Usually, you operate on the following motto: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Throw that thinking out like celery you planned to eat but then let rot in your fridge. This weekend, good things happen to good people and you’re, like, the best person.


The Sun in Virgo synchs up with Juno in your sign this weekend. (Juno is an asteroid that has an influence similar to Venus, not the outdated web browser, btw.) That means your friends turn to you for stability. Well, okay, maybe not stability, but they will trust you to be sober enough to order the Lyft to the right address and set multiple drop-off points to ensure no one has to get out at a random bodega 10 blocks from home.


Don’t let your Debbie Downer friend be a drag on your fun this weekend. Like, sorry Katie, I know a guy you went out with on two dates won’t text you back, but we don’t need to keep talking about his Snapchat stories at our pregame. Give the squeaky wheel in your friend group some tough love so you can enjoy your vodka sodas in peace.


The Sun and asteroid Juno synch up in your people zones this weekend, making it easy to make new friends. Acquaintances and people you literally just met won’t think you’re weird when you tell them that extremely embarrassing and personal story. In fact, they’ll probably find you quite charming and relatable for really putting it all out there.


It’s a great weekend for you to socialize. It’s not such a great weekend to be making any life-changing decisions. Your head is just not in the game to think seriously and critically. Don’t accept a proposal. Don’t sign a mortgage. And definitely, DEFINITELY don’t agree to go on a run with someone the morning after you’ve been drinking.


The Sun is still in your sign so that means you should definitely live it up while you’re still #blessed this weekend. Likewise, asteroid Juno is in your house of higher consciousness. That means you could fall for someone you think you could learn from. It’s best to stay away from your T.A. at the tailgate this weekend. Sure, a makeout could help you get an A in a class you hate, but you don’t want to find out what happens when it goes south.


There’s a lot happening in your houses of secrecy, intimacy, and transformation. Your energy is all about acting on your inner desires. Want to find out what happens when you stop using shampoo or some sh*t? Test it out. Need to know if you could be into beer? Time for a keg stand. It’s all about exploring yourself and discovering your unique likes and dislikes. Yolo.


It’s the last great weekend for you to party until your birthday rolls around in, like, two months. When the Sun rolls into Libra, you’ll want to go into hiding to collect your thoughts and make some goals for your next year of life. So, really, you have no other option than to go HAM this weekend.


You’ve been in the spotlight for the past few months thanks to the position of the Sun. Consider this weekend your swan song. It might be time to leave the stage for a while so someone else can have the spotlight, or, like, so that the mistakes you’re about to make don’t have many witnesses. That being said, stage dive into the weekend. Might as well go out with a standing ovation.


You’ll find meaning and purpose this weekend thanks to the relationship between the Sun and asteroid Juno. You have opportunities for personal growth. Maybe this is the weekend where you don’t respond to the “U Up?” text from your ex. Maybe this is the weekend you black out but don’t lose your keys, phone and wallet. See, you’re growing up. Awwwww.



Someone close to you is ready to offer you their full support this weekend. It just might be the boost you need to get out of a funk or to escape your comfort zone. Hopefully it’s, like, financial support though, right? I mean, it’s a lot easier to be your best self and achieve self-actualization if someone else is bankrolling you.


The Sun and asteroid Juno are aligned in your people zones, making you relatable, sociable, and likable. You won’t just be the entertainer this weekend—through all your socializing you’ll realize something about yourself. By Sunday, you’ll probably realize that you’re actually an introvert and hate having to be around people all the time. Ugh, exhausting.

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