The Calm Before Mercury Retrograde: Weekend Horoscopes For November 9-11

Jupiter moves into Sagittarius this weekend. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so you could say the planet is happiest at home. Jupiter in Sagittarius brings pretty good vibes for your social life. Your general demeanor will be cheerful and friendly—at least on the inside. If you have a bad case of RBF, it might be a little harder for others to tell that Jupiter is putting you in a good mood. Let’s be honest, with Mercury retrograde right around the corner, we could all use a little pick-me-up. Here are your weekend horoscopes for November 9-11:


The Sagittarius moon will fuel your curious spirit this weekend. Anything that’s different or outside your comfort zone will be alluring. So maybe you wouldn’t normally talk to a guy in Birkenstocks, but you could be overcome by the power of curiosity and end up smelling like patchouli on a walk of shame. That might be a little extreme, but, hey, trying something new could really pay off for you.


This weekend, it’s okay to give something or someone a second chance. That guy you had a nice time with on a date but never heard from again? Maybe he actually did get busy with work and reconnecting with him after a run-in at the bar could lead to good things. I mean, this is an example of an exception and not the rule when it comes to getting ghosted, but for the weekend, go ahead and suspend your cynicism and give things another go.


Time to make up that split little Gemini mind of yours. With the moon and serious Saturn in your intense eighth house, decision-making becomes a lot easier. That’s great news for those of us who spend an insane amount of time picking an outfit for a night out. Tell your friends/boyfriend/Uber driver to thank Saturn for its help in actually making you ready on time for something for once.


Last week was a little rough for many Cancers. Yikes. Things are getting better for you before they get worse right around the start of Mercury retrograde in the middle of the month. So I guess that’s sort of good news, right? Anyway, this weekend, the Sagittarius moon makes you orderly.  Do your laundry, pay your bills, make sure you have toilet paper and tampons, and stock the fridge with necessities. You don’t know what Mercury retrograde will bring your way, so it’s best you get your house in order now.


Jupiter traveling through Sagittarius for the next 13 months does great things for your heart and your vagina. Starting this weekend, it’s an ideal time to launch a relationship or rev up the romance in your current one. So go ahead, relaunch those dating apps. Start asking your older coworkers if they have a hot nephew they want to set you up with. The time to act is now, betch. Shave your legs and get your ass out there on the market.


It’s time to put your money where your mouth is when it comes to showing someone else you care. In a relationship, you can get comfortable letting the guy pay for all the sh*t all the time. That’s fine, but sometimes ya boi needs a little pampering too. Splurge for the couples massage this weekend or just offer to buy his coffee. I mean, it’s really and literally a small price to pay when trying to trap him into marrying you.


This weekend, not only will you be in good spirits, others around you will also be overcome by your positivity as to not ruin your good vibes. Sagittarius is in your chatty third house, meaning you’ll be talkative and social. For the best weekend possible, though, don’t schedule yourself out too much, Make room for people to drop by, for you to run into friends or meet up casually for brunch. The best things in life are a little unexpected anyway, aren’t they?


It’s definitely fine for you to be your little secretive Scorpio self this weekend, especially when it comes to romance. Whether you have a blossoming flirtation or a long-term relationship, you don’t need to Carrie Bradshaw it and blast your business all about town. Instead, keep things private. No one needs to know how rough you like it as a couple or about that thing he did last night. I mean, someone might like to know, but it’s cool to hold on to the info for a while.


Jupiter entered your sign Thursday and will hang out there for the next 13 months. This is, like, really good for you. Jupiter is at home in your sign, meaning you’ll find your place in the world and really hit your stride in your chosen path. Doors will open to streamline the realization of your dreams. Now’s the time to post your first vlog or open your Etsy store or CBD oil retailer, or, you know, apply for a job that pays you an actual salary and provides health insurance. Your choice, really. But now is the best time to follow those dreams, girl!


Jupiter in Sagittarius for the next 13 months has a pretty great effect on you. You stop letting the little things from holding you back. No more excuses for the Capricorn betch. As for this weekend, you’ll want to keep it pretty low-key. You’re not being lazy or hiding out, you just need some time on your own to refocus and re-energize for the week ahead. Likewise, with Mercury retrograde on the horizon, you could use a weekend of chill.


Some signs are encouraged to relax this weekend, let the chips fall where they may. Aquarius is not one of those signs. In fact, you’ll have your best weekend when you plan for the party. Make arrangements to go out, meet up with friends, have friends at your place, whatever. Since a lot of other signs are keeping their schedules wide open, they’ll appreciate the invite from you. That works in your favor too. Be the hostess with the mostest this weekend and you’ll see the best kind of invites roll in when you need them to during the holiday season.


This weekend, you might not be physically active, but your mind sure is plotting and planning to make big moves later on. Being a little introspective this weekend is fine, especially considering that Jupiter in Sagittarius for the next 13 months is in your career zone. You’ll have more opportunities to add clients or projects or side hustles. You’ll find it easier to gain recognition for your expertise and may experience a lucky break that takes your career to the next level. I mean, it’s like, kind of tiring to even think about how busy you’re going to be over the next year, but you’ll survive and be even better for it.

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