You And Summer Are IG Official: Weekend Horoscopes For June 22-24

If you didn’t make a combination post about #NationalSelfieDay and the first day of summer because you’re not a thirst trap for likes, it’s still okay to let your followers know it’s officially summer and you’re officially ready to throw down. Here are your weekend horoscopes for June 22-24:


The Moon traveling through Scorpio to start the weekend stirs up your angsty side. This is a great weekend to bump the emo throwbacks poolside. Fall Out Boy, Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance might bring up all the middle/high school feels, but they’ll put you in a better mood after everyone compliments your DJ skills.


Unconventional Uranus in your sign will have you not giving a fuck this weekend. Let’s face it, Taurus, you can be a little buttoned up. Time to drop the kimono as a beach wear staple and prove your confidence and DGAF attitude in something more revealing next to the water. Life is short, get rid of your tan lines.


This weekend you’re quick to express your affection for people and causes. Tell your boyfriend not to be surprised if you straddle him in a beach chair. If you’re single, your friends can just expect you to make out with a rando outside the bar. Controlling your urges is for weekdays, right?


The Sun’s position to Uranus will make you popular this weekend with all the right and wrong people. That being said, your friends will want to hang out, but you also might attract some weird or unusual birds. Stay away from carnivals, anime festivals, and comic cons. Basically, avoid anywhere you could be hit on by a Furry.


Your sex appeal is elevated this weekend, so don’t be surprised with the amount of “whats up?” texts you get past 11pm. Since you have options, you’ll need to weigh them carefully. Should you go with Brad who has a bigger dick or Chad who has better after-sex snacks in his fridge? Decisions, decisions.


This weekend is all about having a balanced perspective. As the Moon travels through Scorpio, what your heart and mind tell you to do might be at odds, but, ultimately, you’ll make the right decision. That being said, don’t worry about settling on anything this weekend. Just enjoy being in limbo with your options for the weekend.


The Moon travels through your money zone this weekend. Avoid an emotion-based splurge so that you’re not praying your debit card works at the bar all weekend long. Sure, you can hope someone generously offers to buy you a drink, but you don’t want to be down on your luck, single, and sober at the same time if the randos don’t come through.


As a Scorpio, you’re just naturally drawn to extremes. This weekend is no different. You want the most and the best and the craziest. It’ll work out if you go all out. You’ll attract attention from all the right people and have a really good time while you’re at it. Summer is off to a great fucking start.


The Moon traveling through Scorpio will trigger memories of the past this weekend. Resist the urge to let the reminiscing take over your good judgement. Basically, don’t text and ex. Keep the good memories but also remember that what’s in the past is there for a reason. That reason also might be that the guy has herpes now. Eek. Don’t risk it.


The relationship between the Sun and Uranus causes you to have questions about your dating life. Resist the urge to give up on a good thing because your path isn’t following a conventional route. I mean, look at Ashleigh I. and Jared. OK, like, don’t think the guy you’ve chased forever is suddenly going to want you, but, like maybe things will work out with a dude you met on Hinge.


A project will consume you this weekend. You might feel the need to redecorate the apartment or set two friends up with each other. The Sun makes you productive, so be serious about what you set your mind to. Once you start on this shit, it’ll be all-consuming. You might be a maniac, but at least you’re a helpful maniac.


You’re very enthusiastic about a matter this weekend. You have an unusual take and you’re intent on expressing it. I wouldn’t, say, wear a jacket with a cryptic off-color message on the back, but you could definitely have a deep conversation with someone about your opinions. A smaller audience won’t judge you for your hot take, and they’ll be a good sounding board.

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