An Extra Day To Do Nothing: Weekend Horoscopes February 28-March 1

Happy Leap Year, bitches! Once every four years, we get to experience the true magic of February 29th, and this year the planets and stars are totally determined to see you have a good f*cking time.

Whether you’re going to seriously sit down and do your taxes like an adult, blow $500 on a “me” day complete with a spa package, pedicure, bottomless mimosa brunch, and hours’ worth of regret later, or just sit at home and watch all seven seasons of The Great British Baking Show, tis the weekend to listen to the universe and make the most of your days off.


Explore the world around you, Pisces. It’s a great weekend to head out on your own and give some things a good, hard think. Is there someone in your life that’s majorly f*cking with your self-esteem or “me” time? Your boss doesn’t count. Mercury retrograde will actually help you see clearly as to which friends and family members are helping you grow and which are holding you back, so dedicate some mind space to that mess this weekend.


The moon wants you to spend all your money, Aries. That may seem kind of hilarious, but if you don’t want to blackout and spend your life savings on a “f*ck it, let’s just go” moment and book an all-expenses-paid vacay to Fiji, we suggest only bringing one credit card out with you Friday night. Saturday, you’ll need to fight the urge to shop online for sh*t you don’t need, which will be especially difficult since you’ll be extra sensitive and looking for some retail therapy.


The moon in your sign means this is a weekend dedicated to YOU, Taurus. Grab your betches on Friday night and drink all the drinks that you thought you couldn’t anymore. Spend Saturday picking up the pieces and reminiscing about how you all used to be, like, really cool. Sunday is perfect for trying something a bit outside your comfort zone, so download Bumble and send a bunch of oddly poetic messages to see who bites. I mean, it can’t hurt.


You’re going to be caught up in your own head all weekend, Gemini. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but know that after work on Friday, the best way to unwind will be to pop open a bottle of rosé and write about your feelings in your Notes app. Saturday is a great time to try out that yoga class you’ve been putting off, since meditation will actually help put your mind at ease.


The moon is highlighting your friends in their time of need this weekend, Cancer, so, unfortunately, you won’t have much time for yourself. Focus on lifting the spirits of a bestie who’s having a hard time and try to get her out of her funk with an interesting dinner, hike, or lazy Saturday lounging and watching Disney+. Sunday, after that’s dealt with, you may want to turn attention to your own romantic relationships, which have been feeling a bit ignored lately.


Listen to your gut this weekend, Leo, especially as it relates to your career. If you’ve been feeling like work is sucking the life out of you more than normal, use Saturday to peruse the job boards and update your resume. It doesn’t need to be pink and scented to get attention, but it also probs won’t hurt.


Our favorite planet to make fun of, Uranus, is peer pressuring you to go outside your comfort zone this weekend, Virgo. It’s a great opportunity to try something new with your partner, like communicating how you actually feel; or just going to a new restaurant. If you’re single, the planets are aligning in such a way as to spark meaningful relationships, so don’t shut yourself inside all weekend.


It’s all about intimacy this weekend, Libra. If you aren’t paired up, the potential for a long-lost love making contact is high this weekend. Whether that’s via drunk text or heartfelt letter, we can’t say, but be open to it so long as he wasn’t a giant douche the first time around. If you are paired up, focus on self-care with your partner. A trip to a day spa or a quiet afternoon hike and picnic are a great way to relax and unwind before Monday ruins everything again.


Time to fight it out, Scorpio. Unfortunately, this weekend will bring to light all the little bullsh*t issues you’ve had with your besties, your mom, and your SO. The planets want you to be upfront on Saturday and talk through all that sh*t. It’ll be difficult, but maybe you can all celebrate with alcohol afterwards. Sunday, you can slink away and entertain yourself with arts and crafts or that DIY project you’ve been putting off.


It’s all about home, Sagittarius. After work on Friday, come home and put away the pile of clothes on “the chair” in your room. Vacuum your bathroom and dust a bookshelf, too, to round out the cleaning extravaganza. On Saturday, there may be a weird development with a family member, but try to just go with the flow and relax. So what if your mom wants to come to stay with you for a week? I’m sure it’ll be fine.


Take a risk this weekend, Capricorn. Grab a friend and try something new on Friday night, like not making regrettable decisions because of the drinks you chugged! After brunch on Saturday, take some time to focus on things you’ve wanted to do but haven’t had time for, like meal planning or reading a book.


The moon in Taurus is highlighting crazy developments in the home sector this weekend, Aquarius. While that probably doesn’t mean you’re magically pregnant or going to win the lottery, there may be some drama around the corner with a close friend or loved one. Crazy sh*t aside, use Saturday to get your taxes together so you can actually be early this year. This is what adulthood feels like.

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Sarah Nowicki
Sarah Nowicki
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