Here Are Your Weekend Horoscopes For November 10-12th

Did everything seem, like, pretty ok this week? It could be because our garbage fire of a president has been out of the country, or maybe it’s just because the planets are all pretty chill. (Mercury in retrograde starts December 1, btw, so mark your calendar.) Likewise, it’s basically status quo through the weekend so just do you, boo boo.


The bad betch in you is down to turn up the heat in the bedroom this weekend—you know, hook up with some rando or just be more adventurous with your S.O. But half of you isn’t fully committed because you’re worried about the consequences of romance. It’s a fine line, but you can trust yourself to make the right decision when it comes to getting it on, or not.


No one likes a know-it-all, so even if a friend comes to you for advice on something you’re well versed in, try not to gloat about how wise you are. Likewise, if someone leans on you after they made a huge mistake by not taking your advice, try not to “I told you so too much.” I mean, you’re smart, but anyone with half a brain would have told Lauren she needed to put a case on her iPhone X before her drunk ass dropped it and it shattered at the pregame.

Stassi Is Always Right


You need to get off your ass and do something active this weekend for your sanity and your body. Sure, it’s not bathing suit season anymore, but a Christmas trip to Cancun or Rio could pop up, and you don’t want to be that weirdo in a caftan the whole time. Don’t let your motivation slide too much as the holidays approach, ya know?


You feel like some of your power in a relationship is slipping, like someone close to you is taking advantage of how great and generous you are as a friend or girlfriend. Seriously Claire, it’s not that hard to Venmo the money for dinner the other night. Don’t let that shit set a precedent. Work on reclaiming your feminine power this weekend, or just like, don’t volunteer to cover the tab if your asshole friends never pay you back.

Money Please


The moon in your sign is clashing with Virgo and Jupiter in Scorpio, making you act out for attention. As a Leo, you generally are just blessed with a lot of positive attention, but you better watch what you drink so you’re not getting noticed for being the girl crying in the bar. Drink your party alcohol and not the kind that makes you sad/weepy. Tequila beats red wine this weekend.


You usually have the gift of gab and can win anyone over with your charm and flair. But this weekend, remember there’s a difference between cunning and conniving. Reputation‘s release has you wanting to get back at whomever did you wrong. Use your skills of persuasion wisely.

Ready For It


The moon in Leo is pulling you toward connecting with a good friend over the weekend. Carve out a few hours to reconnect over a bottle of wine and tapas or some shit. Watch what you spend at happy hour, though. Even if you just got paid, that shit seems to burn a hole in your pocket. You need more funds than normal in the week ahead.


Your energy is, like, so intense right now. People are taking you seriously, so work on making it exceptionally clear when you’re joking. Other than that, it’s a good weekend to be social, because anyone new you meet will be taken with your charm and charisma. Like, duh.



You’re super enthusiastic about what’s in store for your future. You can thank the moon in Leo for that. Don’t plan a celebration party for something that isn’t a done deal, though. It’ll be so much more rewarding, let alone less embarrassing, to celebrate after you get the new job/raise/deal than to pre-celebrate something that might fall through.


It’s time to dump the toxic sludge hanging around your life. Female empowerment is real, and you should be around other females who make you feel empowered. Sure, you need girls around who keep it real so you don’t get a big head. But if a fake friend is a real downer because they’re totally jealous of you, drop her like you’re going to drop a guy who shows up to a date in cargo shorts.

Girl Power


There are so many things in the world that you’re totally going to be good at that you just haven’t tried yet. This is an excellent weekend to get out and do something new. There’s a positive influence from Mercury in your sign, meaning shit you do this weekend is going to go well.


An influential friend can open new doors for you and get you out of your comfort zone, but that’s just it. She’s supposed to help you get out and do new shit, not fall into a pattern of being her weird crony or follower. Make sure your opinions are being valued and that you’re not just along for the ride. You’re your own person and you’ll shine brightest when you step out from behind her dumb shadow. 


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