Stoner Betches, You Can Now Buy Weed-Laced Wine

California betches: It’s time to get your medical card ASAP because you can now buy marijuana-infused wine commercially for the first time ever.

It’s obvi a stoner betch’s dream. No longer do you have to carry around joints to house parties; just grab a bottle of weed-laced wine for double the fun.

The wine, known as Canna Vine, has the support of betches Chelsea Handler and Melissa Etheridge for its “medicinal” benefits. And they may be the only betches to financially support Canna Vine as well, since a half bottle will cost you anywhere from $120 to $400. And you will need a medical marijuana card to purchase the wine (at least until weed is inevitably legalized in our beloved west coast states). States like Washington, Oregon and Colorado do not currently allow infusions involving marijuana, so you’ll have to get your ass to Cali to get the grass.

So the first commercial weed wine may be a bit difficult to come by. But it totes sounds worth it. According to Etheridge, the combination of marijuana and wine makes your high land in a “really beautiful place.”

Sign us up.



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