Wedding Shoes Are Worth The Splurge And I Will Die On That Hill

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If you’re a type-A bride like I was, you’re probably reading this with at least ten other Google tabs open. And if I had to guess, one of those tabs is an Excel spreadsheet that includes every single item that you either have purchased or are going to purchase to help manage the hemorrhage of cash you’re about to drop on your wedding. It’s truly a feeling like no other—having to decide between the if you’re using baby’s breath or spray roses. Like, who decided flowers cost so fucking much? Because I’d like to speak to their manager. 

That said, one splurge item I will literally never not defend are wedding shoes. It’s really the one moment in your life where you can pull the, “fuck it, I deserve it” card without really having many consequences. Plus, do you really neeeeeed the wax seals on every save the date? No, you don’t, Susan. Save that shit for something that won’t be tossed in the trash immediately after opening.

While splurging on shoes can be a hot take, I can personally attest that, even though I essentially ate rice and beans for a month to ease the burden of the bill, it was 100% worth it. I LOVE my wedding shoes and while they truly are special, I plan on dyeing them black to become a bit more versatile. I’ll be wearing those bad boys to every anniversary dinner/fancy event until I quite literally drop dead. None of this “I’ll never wear my wedding shoes again” business.

And, I’m not the only one. A few other employees at Betches HQ  are in 100% agreement with me. I sat down with a few of them so you don’t have to just take my word for it.

Bella Belle Kayla Shoe

I absolutely despise wearing heels. Ever since I became a founding member of the Bunion Gang, heels have become my worst enemy. I’m the friend who will relentlessly complain to you all night long about how much my feet hurt. So I knew I needed to find a solution to my uncomfy heels debacle before my wedding day. Bella Belle shoes are specifically designed to last on your feet for the entire day. AND they’re chic af so it really was a no brainer. I kept them on for the entire day, throughout the reception, and didn’t complain once! — Nicole Pellegrino, Director, TikTok & Strategy

Shop it: Bella Belle Kayla Ivory Ankle Strap Bow Block Heels Pearl Slingback Bridal Shoes, $375, Bella Belle

Christian Louboutin Loubi Queens

I’ve always wanted a pair of Louboutin heels, and I thought my wedding would be the perfect occasion to splurge on a pair since, well, when else am I going to have so many reasons to treat myself?? I tried on so many pairs of white heels, from Jimmy Choo to Manolo Blahnik to Stuart Weitzman, but ultimately the Loubi Queens from Louboutin caught my attention. I love its simple, strappy design while being so effortlessly elegant and classy. Plus, the signature red bottoms are a classic statement piece, and I can always wear them to other events in the future—as long as it’s not for a bachelorette or wedding! — Frances Lee, Senior Director, E-Commerce

Shop it: Christian Louboutin Loubi Queens, $895, Christian Louboutin

Jimmy Choo Meira 85mm Sandals

If you’re looking to splurge on a pair of wedding shoes, look no further than the Meria 85mm Sandals from Jimmy Choo. They have the perfect amount of sparkle, (especially if you have a dress that’s heavy on the beading like mine), while also feeling incredibly timeless. The best part? I waited until they went on sale and got them for 40% off. What bride isn’t looking for a deal?!

And speaking of deal, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention another hero of the night, The Drop Avery Square Toe Two Strap Heels from Amazon. These are THE most comfortable heels in the entire world, especially with all that dancing at your reception. I currently own them in four colors, but truly, if I could fit them in my apartment, I would purchase all 35 (yes 35!!!) colors and wear them on repeat. — Karla Barone Sudhalter, Director, Integrated Marketing 

Shop it: Jimmy Choo Meira Crystal Embellished Nappa Sandal, $1,050, Nordstrom

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi bride 50

Photo by Barabara Perttula Photography

And finally, my own shoes. As I mentioned, I would probably take a bullet for these shoes. They’re impeccable quality, which means that, without sounding too cheesy-ball, they (and the memories of wearing them) will last a hell of a lot longer than any normal pair of shoes. Plus, they were the perfect height and allowed me to stop stressing so much about what TF my “something blue” would be. If Carrie Bradshaw could rock Manolos for over 6 seasons, 3 movies, and a reboot, I know these shoes will never go out of style. — Abbey Westlin, Branded and Affiliate Content Editor

Shop it: Hangisi Blue Buckle Pump, $1,225, Nordstrom

Feature Image Credit: JAYLim Studio

Abbey Westlin
Abbey Westlin
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