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255. Wearing Workout Clothes Everywhere

Typically speaking, wearing sweatpants or even jeans is not betchy, because while laid-back is cute in an American Eagle ad, it usually just screams “I give up” on the street. But we’re not monsters, and sometimes we want to look approachable, and therefore we wear workout clothes out. When we say workout clothes, we don’t mean like Champion sweats from Costco or underarmour shit, we’re talking obvs about something you’d wear to yoga or Soulcycle… aka leggings.

While you’re usually a well-dressed betch, even a chill floral print dress is sometimes too much for a casual Sunday farmer’s market romp. Wearing workout clothes out even when you’re not working out is a great way to let the world know you’re chill and probably did something active today, even if it’s not true. 

Wearing workout clothes out is the secret to looking like you have your life together even if in reality you’re hungover AF and haven’t run a mile for weeks. Do you think Victoria’s Secret models are actually running everyday? No, they’re just blessed with good genetics yet seeing them in Pink workout wear makes them look like they’d be chill and not uptight.

It’s a widely known fact that betches in yoga pants turn heads on the street. I mean, even Garance Doré once wrote a whole entry about it, so consider it approved by the fashion industry. In fact, women in leggings had Fox News up in arms because some bros just couldn’t even handle how chill we look in them. But unlike wearing a short skirt and heels, yoga pants look the opposite of high maintenance and don’t look like you’re TTH.

You can even get away with wearing workout clothes to work, as long as there’s a believable possibility that you were working out or might go working out at some point in the next 24 hours. Like sure, Lululemons can be business casual just like watching Snapchats can be reading up on the news.

Basically, anything that accentuates your thigh gap while also making you look approachable is a win in our books. If you think everyone you see at Whole Foods on the weekends has done more than walk up stairs all weekend, then we did something right and that’s exactly why we wear workout clothes everywhere. Now pass me my sequined workout hoodie, I’m going to brunch.