What You Should Wear To Go Out Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Going out always seems like a really good idea until it’s time to actually get ready. From picking clothes, to deciding on how much makeup you’re going to cake on, to trying to figure out if you need to bring a bag or not, there are like, a million variables up in the air every single night. The worst part is, you can’t even text the group chat and ask what they’re wearing, because you know that one friend is going to be like “a bodycon and heels,” and someone else is going to be like “jeans and a bodysuit,” and then you’re just stuck in an existential crisis trying to decide where you fall on the spectrum of going out outfits.

This is where your zodiac sign comes into play. Basically everything anyone needs to know about you is decided by your zodiac, so here’s the one thing you’ll need to wear to go out based on your sign. Whether it’s a lipstick, a crossbody, or the perfect jumpsuit, having this one essential will make getting ready to go out so much easier.


As the leader of the zodiac, you’re probably also the mom of your friend group. You always end up carrying everyone’s tampons and phone chargers, and you’re never even kind of surprised when you find like, four of your friends’ IDs in your wallet the next morning. You never go out without a bag, so you might as well treat yourself to a new dope crossbody.

Rebecca Minkoff Small Love Leather Crossbody Bag


Because it’s basically written in the stars that you’re an extremely stubborn betch, it’s likely that you’re always the last one to want to go home. Half of your friends have already Ubered back, and you’re still trying to turn up at a lame club because it was your idea to check out that place the creepy promoter that slid into your DMs suggested, and you refuse to admit that maybe it wasn’t your best idea ever. Make sure to wear a pair of comfortable shoes out, because once you decide you want a slice of pizza, nothing is going to stop you from trekking for blocks to find it.

ASOS Design Raven Zip Shoe Boots


Gemini betches have that whole twin thing going on, so you’ll probably want to find something that reflects both sides of your constantly changing personality. Go for an outfit that kind of contradicts itself, like a dressy dress with sneakers or a casual shoe to dress it down. That way, you’re comfortable and dressed up, feminine and masculine, and sweet and edgy all at the same time.

UO Straight-Neck Cut-Out Bodycon Mini Dress


As a Cancer, I don’t think I need to tell you that you’re an emotional mess. I feel like you’re already well aware, given the fact that you left your ex 15 unanswered FaceTimes the last time you drank. You probably already have the perfect outfit chosen for your next night out, because you’re planning to post a thirst trap and bought something already, so I’m going to advise that you invest in some waterproof foundation. Tear streaks down your face will ruin any outfit you have. This Tom Ford foundation is known to be one of the best.

Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation and Concealer


Leos totally love themselves, so going out is the perfect chance to show off all of their favorite features. Just look at Kylie Jenner, JLo and Dua Lipa. They’re all super hot Leo celebs who never go out without a really revealing or skin tight outfit. Like, when can you not see Dua Lipa’s abs in one of her Instagrams? Honestly, anything from Fashion Nova will do.

Fashion Nova No Manners Skirt Set


On a night out, Virgos tend to keep to themselves, because they’d rather be doing something else. Stop worrying about what’s actually in that blue curaçao cocktail your friend just bought for you, and have a little fun. Your best bet is to go for something simple and all black, because if you’re wearing something that’s a total conversation starter, you’re going to get pissed off at the randos that keep trying to talk to you. Look for pieces that have interesting little details that you can appreciate for yourself, like this jumpsuit that has pockets.

Wilfred Brax Jumpsuit


Libra is ruled by Venus, which is the ruler of beauty and art. Libra betches love fashion and getting dressed up. You’re definitely the most likely sign to be like, “oh I’m just going to wear something simple,” and then show up in the most extra fucking outfit you could find. Look for pieces that stand out, but can be easily dressed down, like this sparkly AF skirt that you can pair with a basic or a distressed band tee to calm it down.

MOTO Diamond Crystal A-Line Skirt


Scorpios prefer investing in higher quality stuff to buying cheap outfits for one-off occasions. Read: You will not find a Scorpio in a Forever 21 or browsing through Fashion Nova in preparation for their next night out. Scorpios also have a shit ton of energy, so why not invest in something that you can wear out all of the time, but will still allow you to move around like the bat shit crazy betch that you truly are? Get some faux leather Spanx leggings now and thank me later.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings


I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that if you’re not a travel influencer, you’re either aspiring to be one, or you follow a shit ton of them on Instagram. You basically always want to look like you’re about to roll up to Coachella. Bright colors, bold prints, and hippie-inspired silhouettes are definitely the move for you.

UO Shiloh Plunging Flare Jumpsuit


Capricorns are just always trying to get shit done. They just want to get drunk, then peace TF out and order a pizza in the Uber home. Don’t even waste your time trying to put together an outfit, because you’re probably just going to black out and forget your whole night anyway. Just throw on this bodysuit, get hammered, and then leave early.

Shop Betches I Came, I Saw, I Left Early Bodysuit


Aquarians love trying to be unique individuals, so I’m not even going to bother with giving you fashion advice because you would legitimately be worried that another Aquarius may have also taken this advice and you’ll end up wearing the same outfit as someone else. Instead of trying to outdo everyone with your outfit, get weird with your makeup. MAC Liptensity Lipstick comes in a bunch of weird shades and will stay on through all of the crazy drinks you order throughout the night.

MAC Liptensity Lipstick


As a Pisces, you are artsy AF. You’re pretty much only down to wear something that will fit in seamlessly with the carefully chosen aesthetic of your Instagram grid. (Because obviously, you’re not going out until you get a good photo.) Nothing says “I’m an artsy betch” like a pair of fake, aesthetic blogger-y looking glasses.

ASOS Geeky Metal Round Lens

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