We Need To Talk About The New Clumped Mascara Trend

As we all know, mascara was sent by the Gods but mascara brushes were sent by the devil – getting unclumped, curled, long etc lashes is the second hardest part of getting ready (second only to using liquid eyeliner). Well the powers that be – Anna Wintour – have decided that clumpy mascara is the new black.

The clumped look is based on 1960s makeup – the big eyed, spidery lashes effect (see: Twiggy). Apparently, it was THE look for the fall 2015 shows and Maybelline has a new mascara brush for the “Colossal Chaotic Lash.” I don't hate this.

Clumped lashes with smudged eyeliner and a look that says “this may be a walk of shame or a casual dinner party” – it's dark glam.


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